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Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Review

Curious about robotic vacuums? They can be such a time saver, and Neato Robotics has some amazing high-quality products and today I’m sharing our Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Review. 

Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum and box

Not sure what model is best for you? There are several Neato models to chose from, just answer a few simple questions on the Neato Robotics site including the size of your home and a few more, and Neato will suggest which Neato robot vacuum model will best fit your needs!

Ultra Performance Right Out of the Box

If you have a large home (roughly 1600 sq ft or larger), the Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum provides ultra performance to give you the maximum clean! Featuring a true HEPA filter, this model is perfect if you are sensitive to allergens.

Box for the Neato Vacuum on a shag carpet

About the Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum 

A single charge of the battery can clean up to a huge 2,700 square feet, and this model also has LaserSmart technology with LIDAR to fully map, navigate, and clean your home, EVEN in the dark!
Battery life and performance can be optimized by using the energy-saving Eco mode for general vacuuming. If you have areas that need more intense cleaning, there is a Turbo mode, and, if your Neato D10 needs more time – it automatically will recharge and pick up where it left off!

Plus, the Neato D10 can calculate how much power it needs to complete the job, charge up and finish up.

Working smarter means your floors will get cleaned in a more timely manner.

Customize the Vacuum Schedule to Your Floor Plan

You can customize your floor plan with areas (zones) you need cleaned more often, or even areas you want the vacuum to ignore. Even better, you can use the MyNeato app to control your Neato! It also features a unique multi-surface brush to keep noise down when operating.

Whether you have hardwood floors, carpet, or tile, the Neato D10 is effective on all of these different surfaces. Concerned about privacy? The Neato D10 does not have any cameras or microphones and doesn’t record images or audio.

In addition to the selection of robotic vacuums, Neato carries a full line of parts and accessories. Plus, your Neato will come with a one-year parts warranty and a 30 day risk free trial!

Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Review

Now for the nitty gritty. The review.

The Neato D10 comes with a hefty price tag which had me overly skeptical when reviewing this product. But guess what? It turns out, this might just be the most intelligent robotic vacuum we’ve seen yet. Building on all of the innovation from past robotic vacuums, the Neato D10 has a beautiful and sleek design and right out of the box! A super easy setup process for this robot vacuum cleaner had me falling in love right away.

Neato D10 vacuum in box with chargers and manual

The “D” shape of this vacuum might be the most brilliant part of the Neato D10 design. Better than round robots in my opinion – it only needs one foot clearance (yes, only one foot!!) so the coverage of this vacuum is a game changer. It’s shape allows it to get into specific areas that would be impossible for older models that we’ve tried. The d-shaped figure of this model is hands down better than previous models because it can take a square corner and works it’s way around things like your dining room table, pet food bowls and a child’s play area without any issues.
The lidar sensor technology makes for some serious LaserSmart navigation that makes it one of the best robotic vacuums out there, no question about it.

The unit comes with three included HEPA filters and compared to our last unit, has a super fast clean time.

Best of all: it’s a beast when it comes to picking up pet hair … I was blown away!

The Neato D10 is a Game Changer for Pet Hair

With past robotic vacuums, I did feel like some of the pet hair was just getting moved around. With the Neato D10 it’s just GONE. Until you open the dust bin and then it’s shocking to see how much stuff this little vacuum has removed from your floors. Everything from fine dust particles to crumbs, fuzzies, pet hair – all of it! If you have pets, I highly recommend turbo mode, it’s a game changer for sure and in my opinion, one of the best aspects of these high-end machines. As the wife of a veterinarian, I’m well aware of pet hair issues – we love our animals but the pet hair struggle is real, right?

You know that saying “Keep your enemies close?” … our little pup PipSqueak loves to be right by the Neato vacuum. I think it’s so that it won’t sneak up on him but it cracks me up how close to it he likes to sit. I’m not sure our little PipSqueak loves his new robotic friend, but we sure do!! 

dog sitting by robotic vacuum

We have mostly hardwood floors with quite a few rugs. The Neato D10 has no issue navigating our spaces. It moves easily from hard surfaces to rug and carpet areas, and seems to have super strong suction power, especially on the hard floors.

It holds a charge really well – I haven’t seen it come even close to low battery level yet – and it does a great job of working it’s way back to home charging base where it seems to recharge itself very quickly. An indicator light on the top of the unit allows you to quickly see the battery charge status.

The smart technology of this cleaning machine allows it to set up a map of your home automatically. You can then use the easy to use MyNeato App to set up virtual zones and maps, clean zone and no-zones as well as setting up cleaning times for your vacuum. The app even allows you to set cleaning modes and schedule cleaning sessions right from your phone.

Truly, not just smart but brilliant. The Neato D10 definitely gets two thumbs up from me and my household. The verdict is still out on PipSqueaks opinion, LOL!! 

dog watching a robotic vacuum to by on hardwood floor while he sits on a white rug

*Red Dot Winner: Worth mentioning – the Neato D10 was selected as a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for excellence in product design in 2022

Where to Purchase the Neato D10 Vacuum? 

You can purchase the Neato D10 Intelligent Robot Vacuum on the Neato website where you can currently save up to 30%! I’ll update this post with any Neato coupon codes or sales as I find them, but currently the $200 of your Neato D10 vacuum is the best I’ve seen! 



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