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Welcome to She Saved! My First Blog Post

Welcome to She Saved! My First Blog Post

Welcome to She Saved and my FIRST blog post! My name is Keri Lyn and I’m a wife, a mother and a proud and frugal owner of an 850 credit score. I bought my first house when I was a few years out of college and I’ve worked hard to commit myself to a frugal lifestyle that still allows me to enjoy the finer things. I’m excited to share my passion for frugality with you and take you with me on this savings (and spending!) journey as I share with you my favorite techniques, deals, offers and brands!

I have high hopes for this venture…a way to turn my obsession for finding a bargain into a outlet for all of these sweet little deals that I come across. The greatest things in life are often the small things… right down to those small savings here and there that make you feel like a

superhero mom*wife*domestic goddess. (Not to mention the *BIG* savings…those are “through the roof for a minute I felt like a supermodel rockstar moments.”)

The best way to go about getting bargains to fall into your lap is to start inviting them! Start by being aware of the bargains and savings options around you. That means signing up for email lists, mailing lists, and connecting yourself to the brands and offers that you hope to enjoy. To do this, consider creating an email account JUST for email lists and offers.

I’m a firm believer in spending your hard earned money on quality products so saving doesn’t always mean paying less. Sometimes it’s about saving not only money but time and sanity too! Buckle up and sharpen your pencil, we’ve got lots of adventures ahead of us and I’m so glad that you are here!

Find our more about me, Keri Lyn, on my About Me page here and please feel free to reach out any time with questions or comments!

Meet the author – Keri Lyn

The creative and frugal mind behind She Saved for over 12 years now, Keri Lyn shares her adventures in parenting along with her love for family travel, country living and brand marketing. A self-proclaimed “brand loyalist”, Keri Lyn is known for her strong and enthusiastic voice when it comes to the products and brands that she loves. She Saved has become a community for like-minded consumers who appreciate saving money, time and sanity by getting the best deals on quality products and experiences.

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