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Michael Oher (The Blind Side) is Headed to the Super Bowl!

amazon-blind-sideOne of my all time favorites (in fact, we just watched it again last week) is The Blind Side. There is SO much to this story that I love, including the personal life story of both Michael Oher and the Tuohy family. If you are a mom to a young athlete like I am, then you will probably appreciate both this film and the story behind it.

The best part about this movie, is that it is based on a TRUE story!

This movie tells the story of Michael Oher’s difficult childhood and how, through the grace of God, and a very generous family (led by Leigh Anne Tuohy, who is played by Sandra Bullock, another of my favorites!) Michael became a football star, eventually making it to the NFL. In fact… he’s headed to the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks, which is just beyond exciting to me. I am so excited to cheer for the Carolina Panthers and #73!

If you weren’t sure who to cheer for this year, you might consider watching this movie again (or for the first time) before the Super Bowl. I know that it has my kids pretty excited for the big game!

Why is the Blind Side rated PG-13?

You might be wondering about the rating, it is rated PG-13. After recently watching it, and reading the reviews from the Official MPAA RatingI believe this is due to the flash backs to his childhood (traumatic) and one scene which involves brief violence, drug and sexual references. While it is a bit painful to watch, I did feel like it was a realistic glimpse into a life of drugs and abuse and it opened the doors for a lot of conversation for us with our kids. The ONLY part that I would suggest possibly being on guard for (as a parent) is when Michael is back in his old neighborhood at a party and one friend starts making crude sexual remarks about Michael’s adoptive mother and sister. Just a warning, that might be a good time to distract the kids with popcorn refills or something but overall, this movie has so much to offer in terms of teaching kindness, forgiveness, trust, understanding, love and most of all, family.

Where to purchase? You can find The Blind Side on Amazon for as low as $8.65, and this one is definitely worth adding the personal collection, in my opinion. *keep in mind, Amazon prices can change at anytime.

Who do YOU follow in social media?

Michael Oher is a true inspiration to young kids, and actually, even to moms like me. I don’t allow my kids to view much on social media, but I do try to find and follow those who can inspire them to work hard, and achieve their goals. As a result, we follow quite a few of our favorite athletes and inspirations in social media and both Michael Oher and the Leigh Anne Tuohy are two of our favorites:

Man what a time….

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  1. We are a huge football family, so this is also one of our family favorites! This is one of those rare moments where film meets real life & we all get to continue watching him and his success story! It will make the Super Bowl that much more exciting to watch this year!

  2. I agree Lissa… this is going to make the Super Bowl so fun! I think it really make the whole story “real” to my kiddos, they were blown away that it’s all tied together. I can watch this movie (and football, lol!) over and over, it just never gets old! Cheers to Super Bowl 50!

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