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Available NOW: Madden 20 at GameStop!

Game Stop Madden 20

Available NOW: Madden 20 at GameStop!

Disclosure: This post was done in partnership with GameStop. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Madden fans! You’ve probably heard the news, you can grab Madden 20 at GameStop now!
We recently partnered with our friends at GameStop to review the new Madden 20 for XBox and I’m happy to report that my son thinks it’s the best XBox game to date. He and his football buddies go to football practice, and then come come and play Madden 20.
The love for the game of football is strong around here, for sure! 
Madden 20 XBox One at GameStop
My son loves all things football, he always has.
He’s played the Madden series for XBox for a long time and I have to say, I love his love for the game and I love how much he’s actually learned about football through these games.
As he gets older and older, I’m always looking for ways to keep him entertained and I love to keep him under our roof.
Our “man cave” is where he and his buddies all like to hang out and I love to hear the sports banter coming out of the basement when they are in full Madden mode. 
Madden 20 EA Sports
It’s so fun to hear them laughing and heckling each other and it makes me happy to see how much joy this game brings them. It’s also a great lead into football season, which we love around here. 
The cool thing about Madden 20 is that there are several ways to play. He can play alone, with buddies or even virtually.
The whole concept of Madden 20 is based on the fact that the gamer can actually be the Face of the Franchise and literally build and compete with his own team through personalized scenarios and strategy. 
  • Face of the Franchise: QB1 – Be the Face of an NFL franchise where the decisions you make matter in your journey to become an NFL Superstar. Create your own College Quarterback to play through the College Football National Championship playoffs and the NFL Combine for your shot at the NFL Draft and to be the face of a franchise in a new and personalized career campaign centered around you. Once selected to a team, engage with Madden’s new Scenario Engine which generates personalized playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges that build the story of your unique NFL career.
  • Franchise– Simulate a full NFL career and leave your legacy as a player, coach or owner with single-player and multiplayer online-connected leagues. Compete with up to 32 teams in your quest for a Super Bowl Dynasty.Complete with an annual Pro Bowl and Seasonal Awards.
  • Ultimate Team – Compete in the ultimate NFL fantasy team-building mode featuring your favorite NFL players from the past and present. Play games, collect rewards, and upgrade your team with daily, fun and engaging challenges with live NFL content all year-long.
  • Exhibition– Compete in head-to-head online and offline games (single and multi-player) or single player offline against the CPU. Customize your game settings including time of quarters, rules, stadiums, and uniforms.


This isn’t just a video game, it’s literally a deep dive into football and all of the things that go along with it. I love sports games for this very reasons, and if football isn’t you things, GameStop has a huge selection of other sports games to choose from.

Madden 20 Gamers
I’ll be honest. Parenting a teen isn’t easy. My son doesn’t have a phone yet and I feel like I’m in a constant battle with my emotions over all of the things that go along with young adulthood: technology restrictions, curfews, and just the plain and simple fact that he’s growing up and I’m going to have to start letting go. 
Seeing how much these kids enjoy the game, makes me heart happy. 

Madden 20 at GameStop

If you have football loving kids (or men!) in your life, these virtual game days are a great way to keep them all happy and entertained and you know what that means? Happy mama. Grab Madden 20 at GameStop now to get your NFL season started!

Madden XBoxOne

How much is Madden 20 right now? 

Of course, at the time you are reading this post, Madden prices could have settled and there will be many options for purchasing. Madden 21 might actually be out and if that’s the case, you’ll probably be able to score a pretty decent deal on Madden 20. 

Wondering what Madden 20 is worth right now? Shop around before you buy (or sell) so you can get the very most for your dollars. 

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