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Leprechaun Hats Craft

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Guest Post: Trish from Mom on Timeout created this darling craft, and I am so excited to have her here to share it with you!!

Leprechaun Hats are the perfect craft project for St. Patrick’s Day. Easy to make and so cute too!

Materials Needed:
Styrofoam plate and cup
green and black paints & paint brush
gold coins (optional)
pipe cleaners – various colors
hot glue
small pom poms (optional)


1. Cut out a circle from the plate. Paint the cup and plate green. It takes several coats and is great practice for the kids.

2. Paint a black stripe around the cup and glue the cup to the plate to make the hat.

3. Form a rectangle out of gold pipe cleaner and glue to the hat OR glue on a gold coin. 

4. To make the flower, twist the pipe cleaner to form one petal and then twist the ends. Shape another petal and then twist the ends again. Keep repeating until you have your desired number of petals.

5. Use green pipe cleaner for the stem and wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner that you used for the flower around the green pipe cleaner.

6. Glue a small pom pom to the center of the flower and then glue onto the hat.

They turned out so cute and were quite easy. I love how the flowers brighten these little Leprechaun Hats up!

About Trish: Trish is a very blessed Mom (self proclaimed!)  to two darling little boys ages 5 and 3. She loves sharing her favorite recipes, DIY projects, and fun crafts for the kiddos with her readers. If you get a chance,  enjoy your timeout with her on her blog, Mom on Timeout!

Thanks for stopping by Trish!

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