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She Saved FAVORITE!! Kinsa Smart Thermometer

I am so excited to see this price drop. If you are a mom (or dad) and you have ever found yourself scrambling for a thermometer, then you are going to want to jump on this deal. This is the highly rated Kinsa Smart Thermometer and this thing is amazing!

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

I was excited when I was offered this thermometer for review and I knew that it would be a product that other parents might appreciate learning more about so I was happy to partner with Kinsa to test thing thermometer out. I love this thing!

How it Works

It takes just moments to set up on a smart phone. You install the free app and you can be taking a temperature reading within minutes.

Kinsa Thermometer app

Here are a few photos that I took to show you how this works. You download the app and then there will be a short video to walk you through the set up, it’s SO easy! Plug in the thermometer (It plugs right into your headphone jack!) and you can immediately begin taking temps. I love that it gives you the ability to save results and it also allows you the ability to save symptoms. You might not think that is important until the next time that your kiddo has a fever, and you can actually go back and look at the date, and specifics. It’s really neat!

You can also keep records for every member in your family and you can also select options for how you are going to take a temp: Oral, Underarm, Rectal and Ear.

Kinsa Thermometer

It’s literally this easy to use:

Kinsa Thermometer Smart

We compared the results of this thermometer to those of one of my hubby’s veterinary thermometers and they were identical. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer also gets great reviews on Amazon 

Devices that are compatible with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer

  • ACCURATE, RELIABLE, FAST – FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy, the Kinsa QuickCare smart thermometer produces an accurate temperature reading (in F and C) in under 8 seconds. QuickCare also meets ASTM standards for all thermometer devices.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN – The stick-shaped thermometer can be used orally (most common for older children and adults), underarm (most common for younger children), or rectally (most common for infants).
  • COMFORTABLE, FLEXIBLE TIP – Soft outer coating and flexible, bendable tip offers optimal comfort for family members of all ages, from your sleeping baby to elderly grandparents, and everyone in between.
  • EASY TO USE – No-hassle design & large lighted display with fever indication icons makes temperature-taking a breeze – and temperatures easy to read, day or night. A simple push of a button toggles your thermometer between F and C readings.
  • GREAT FOR SQUIRMY KIDS! – Ellie the Elephant’s bubble-blowing animation* entrances fidgety kids, keeping them still so you get an accurate reading every time. *Displays on your smartphone screen when QuickCare is used with the free Kinsa app (available on iOS or Android).
  • SMART FEATURES FOR ADDED PEACE OF MIND – Unlock additional benefits when using your thermometer with the free Kinsa app**. The app turns your QuickCare thermometer into a Nurse in Your Pocket, answering the questions you care about when a loved one is sick. **App not required for the thermometer to work.
  • LIKE A NURSE IN YOUR POCKET – Track fever and symptoms for all family members (unlimited number of profiles and symptoms saved) with the optional Kinsa app. Record medication dosages & timings, and set reminders for your next dose. Get personalized care guidance based on age and symptoms, like whether you need to call the doctor or if you can manage symptoms at home. Easy-to-share illness history can be shared with another caregiver, spouse, or doctor for a quicker, more accurate diagnosis

Go here to grab the Kinsa Smart Thermometer


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  1. It’s so amazing to me!I actually was very skeptical of this product, as technology tends to be a struggle for me, but not only was it easy, it was super easy – and not super expensive! Thanks for the comment Maria, have a great day!

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