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JCPenney Optical: Our Mother Daughter Shop for Back to School Glasses!

Thank you JCPenney Optical for sponsoring this post. Visit your local JCPenney Optical to find your perfect frames!

*Disclosure: I was compensated for my work with JCPenney Optical. These opinions are 100% my own and were in no way influenced by another person. 

JCPenney Optical: Our Mom & Daughter Shop for Back to School Glasses!

My daughter and I recently had the chance to review our local JCPenney Optical shop which was a pretty exciting opportunity since we both love to shop, and we both need our glasses! Did you know that you can shop JCPenney Optical and find back to school glasses for kids for just $39.99! This includes a large selection of frames, impact resistant lenses and an eyewear protection plan! Even better, JCPenney Optical has great designer brands and styles for everyone in the family, including Mom and Dad which means that you can make your visit a one stop back to school shopping expedition and everyone wins, including the budget!

My daughter has been in glasses since she was just one year old. Selecting glasses is not only something she is quite used to doing, but she has also gotten quite picky about her glasses and the style that she wants. As a little fashionista, she knows that whatever pair she selects with be the pair that she will wear all year so she is very intentional about selecting a pair that is not only functional, but practical as well as stylish. She had already done a little research by checking out the JCPenney Optical Fashion Lookbook, so she went in prepared with a few styles in mind.

Since I just recently started wearing glasses, this process is kind of new to me. I had a fun time going through the process as we selected our glasses. JCPenney Optical has a HUGE selection to choose from, so many different colors, brands and styles. I was really impressed with the large selection of brand name glasses that they offer, literally something for everyone.

My daughter is an old (young) pro at selecting glasses and she got right to work trying on all of the different styles.

She originally settled on a really cute red pair, but with the help of the JCPenney Optical technician we realized that the first pair that she selected, wasn’t a great fit for her. I was really thankful to have their help in deciding what pairs would work best for her.

Time and time again she kept going back to this cute over sized pair. At first, I told her that I didn’t think they were the right fit for her face, but time and time agains she kept going back to that pair. Eventually, as I started to see that they actually really did fit her style and personality, we all agreed (employees included!) that these really were the perfect fit.

And that’s the thing. If you have a child in glasses, you know that selecting the glasses is about so much more than just accommodating their vision issue. It’s also about making sure that they feel good in their glasses, and that whatever pair they select speaks to who they are and how they express themselves.

Erin, the JCPenney Optical technician was so good about working with my daughter to get her glasses just right, and make sure that she was headed back to school with the perfect pair and prescription.

The JCPenney Optical employees also helped us to decide on which lenses to go with, and they explained the different kinds of features. You can read more about the different kinds of lenses that JCPenney Optical offers here.

The end result? She went with these and I can’t get over how much I love them!

And as for my glasses? I LOVE them! Even as an adult, I found that when I’m selecting glasses I am also making a choice about the style that I wish to portray, and the type of image I’m most comfortable and happy with. I went with these glasses I have to say, they really make me happy!

If you are looking for a great option for eye glasses, make sure to check out the JCPenney Optical store locator for a location near you! They also run some great specials from time to time, so I highly recommend checking out the JCPenney Optical Back to School special offers page, as you will find some big savings and ways to stretch your back to school savings even more!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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