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Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

I love (love!) to make fun lunches for my kids. Here is one that I made for my kids today and I wanted to share now, in case it would inspire you for a fun idea for tomorrow which is Halloween!

Looking for fun Halloween Lunch Ideas for the kid? Here are a few very simple but spooky ideas that will make lunch fun and spooktacular!

Fun and EASY Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

I love (love!) to make fun themed holiday lunches for my kids but the truth be told, we are scrambling so much this time of year that I would be lying to tell you that a lot of thought goes into such lunches. That is especially the case this year as leftover pizza (rushed dinner last night!) is what made it into this year’s Halloween Lunch.

I wanted to share my very simple Halloween Lunch Ideas with you in case they spark any fun and EASY ways that you can make mealtime extra spooktacular and fun without putting too much thought or work into it because all of the fun and pinterest-y ideas are great, but sometimes quick and simple is about all we can pull off.

Pictured about this this year’s Halloween lunch which included leftover pizza that I spookified with these CutezCute Bento Eyes Design Food Picks (under $6 shipped!) and then I actually used Halloween tattoos to apply this scary face to a pudding cup and then for dessert, some homemade Dirty Bandaid treats

Last year’s Halloween lunch was just as simple. (also pictured above) I drew a Jack-o-lantern on the top of a Dole Mandarin Orange fruit cup with a Sharpie. I also smushed a pair of vampire teeth into a sandwich and added 2 large google eyes and just a dab of jam for blood. You could also use an edible items for the eyes, but I couldn’t resist how fun the google eyes were!

My kids get the biggest kick out of these small surprises and it makes me feel more involved in their day to know that they are thinking of me when they open their lunches! What fun things do YOU do for holiday lunches?

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