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Omaha Steaks Celebrates Bacon Day! FREE Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops with EVERY $79 + Order


*Disclosure: I am working in partnership with Omaha Steaks as an ambassador. I am compensated for sharing this information with you. All opinions are 100% my own.

Omaha Steaks Celebrates Bacon Day! FREE Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops with EVERY $79 + Order

Did someone say FREE Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops!? Yes, you read that right… read on to learn more about this awesome offer! 

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of Omaha Steaks. As a brand ambassador, I’ve been working with them for over a year now, and I’ve loved and enjoyed their products for even longer than that. One thing that I’ve really enjoyed is sharing with you the story BEHIND the products and the brand. So much care and quality goes into these products and with the holidays right around the corner, I’ll be sharing some great gift ideas along with meal options that you can order from Omaha Steaks. Remember, Omaha Steaks offers a 100% money back guarantee and you know how they can do that? Because they are a brand that stands behind their product, and I love that about Omaha Steaks! 

Last year I shared with you my visit to Omaha and how were toured and visited from farm to table with Omaha Steaks. We literally saw everything from the farms where the cattle are raised to the shipping facility that sends out customer orders. I was so impressed with this company, it’s rich family history and the huge amount of passion and customer care that goes into their end product.

Here’s a peek at Omaha Steak Plant Manager Jerry Rempe proudly showing off the product as we took our tour of the facility:

He said something that really stuck with me. He said, “If we make our employees a priority, they make our customers a priority.” That right there summed up what I witnessed and experienced throughout my time at Omaha Steaks. They are so proud of their product and the quality that they are providing their customers, and it shows!

Omaha Steaks Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons

These Omaha Steaks Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons are one of my very favorite Omaha Steaks offerings. They are SO good and you just can’t go wrong when serving these, they are truly a fantastic cut of meat wrapped in beautiful bacon. 

I’ve always been a filet mignon girl. It’s one of my favorite cuts of meat and it’s also usually just about the right size for me. If you are serving up a nice meal, you can’t go wrong in serving filet mignons and you can step it up even more by serving Omaha Steaks Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons.

Aged Omaha Steaks filet mignon wrapped in strips of smoky, sugar-cured bacon make an irresistible combination. Our master butchers age each filet to maximum tenderness, then pair them with our best bacon strips with small metal skewers (take them out when you cook). The sizzle, the aroma, the flavor… you will LOVE making Omaha Steaks Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon and be proud to serve these steaks.
Super-tender, perfectly aged Omaha Steaks filet mignon
Each filet wrapped with a strip of sugar-cured pork bacon
Steakhouse classic look and flavor
Ready to cook, with a skewer holding bacon in place
Grill or cook in a pan for delicious results at home

Bottom line: Easy to make and AMAZINGLY delicious. Right now you can purchase the Omaha Steak Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignons for as low as $8.33 each BUT if you really want to knock dinner out of the park (and make things super easy on yourself) I recommend grabbing the whole meal, which happens to be on sale right now! And don’t forget the FREE Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops with EVERY $79 order offer that they are featuring right now, such an added bonus to this package!

Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Dinner Meal

Omaha Steaks Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Dinner Deal

Grab the Omaha Steaks Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Dinner deal (on sale NOW for $59.99!) which includes:

  • Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignons – 5 oz. |  4 count
  • Stuffed Baked Potatoes – 5.5 oz. |  4 count
  • Green Beans – 2 (6.5 oz.) pkgs. |  serves 4

This meal serves four people and at the price of $59.99 comes out to just $15 per person and guess what? Mama didn’t have to break a sweat! In fact, this is also one of my favorite go-to meals for new parents, housewarming gifts and it’s also a great gift to send for the holidays!

Order two of these (or find other ways to get your total over $79) and you can take advantage of the FREE Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops with EVERY $79 order!

Bacon Wrapped Package Deals

Now, this all gets even better with the fact that Omaha Steaks is celebrating Bacon Day! They’ve created a few packages for customers to choose from including Bacon Wrapped Package Deals. THREE to choose from, and all offer awesome savings and some amazing options!

FREE Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops Offer 

If you’ve been wanting to try Omaha Steaks products, then now would be a great time! In celebration of Bacon Day (and through September 2nd, 2019) Omaha Steaks is offering a FREE box of their Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops with every order over $79. These pork chops are one of our favorites and they are SO easy!! 

As a busy mom, I have to say that having these products in the freezer makes dinner time a snap, especially on those crazy days when you just don’t know how you are going to get a meal on the table. 

As you can see, they go from freezer to oven and the process is so simple and easy: 

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chops

Omaha Steaks Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop

Every order option that I’ve shared above will (as long as your order is over $79)  will qualify you for the FREE Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop offer! Shipping is FREE and you’ll see that free offer populate in your cart at checkout: 

Omaha Steaks Shopping Cart

Here’s a fun tip: once you’ve qualified for free shipping, make sure to check out the other Omaha Steaks offers that will pop up in your shopping cart! As you can see above, I was offered a 58% discount on the Top Sirloin 4 pack, but I also always keep my eye out for other add-on offers, I’ve scored some great ones this way!

We are HUGE fans of their Steak Snacks and as you can see, I was offered the 2 pack Steak Duo for just $2.00: 

Omaha Steaks Snacks

That’s a pretty sweet offering, considering that the Steak Snack Trio is on sale for $12.99 right now! So, make sure to watch for these awesome offerings once you start building your cart, it’s a great way to grab additional savings! 


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