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Kidpik Review: Curated Fashion Boxes for Girls + 50% OFF!

Yay! We are so thrilled to be reviewing another box from the folks at Kidpik.

Kidpik boxes are curated fashion boxes with unique style and high quality clothing items!

Kidpik Unboxing Winter 2019 Box

Kidpik Review: Curated Fashion Boxes for Girls

I have been very pleased with these items and how well they wash and wear, and we are in love with the unique looks that they send!

Kidpik Fashion

How does ordering from kidpik work?

The process is really easy! You create a style profile for your child by setting up her your fashion profile. It’s pretty much like taking a quiz, except this quiz is one that your child will enjoy taking! I actually let my daughter do this all on her own because truth be told, she is pretty firm in her fashion tastes and she had fun working her way through the quiz answering questions.

You can take your child’s kidpik style quiz here.
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It’s pretty easy to narrow down a child’s favorite looks because they offer up choices like the 4 outfits shown below and have you select the ones that you like best.

Kidpik Fashion Box

One of her favorite questions was about her “sparkle” preferences. They allowed her to rate her love of sparkles from 1-10 and she was a solid 10, lol!

How much does a kidpik membership cost? 

The average price of a box ends up being around $95 (you save 30% by keeping the entire box) and it averages out to about $13.50 per item.

I have to say, not only is the unboxing experience exciting and fun but the value in these boxes is crazy good. We could exhaust ourselves at the mall forever (been there, right!?) and still not put together as nice of an assortment of clothing for this price! On top of that, my daughter loves the unique looks that she receives and they are items that can all mix and match …. and are on-trend! That’s what I call a win/win!

Watch the video below to see all of the items in our box, including our final invoice!

Our Kidpik Review and Winter 2019 Kidpik Fashion Box Unboxing 

I think that this box was my daughter’s favorite yet. They totally nailed her style and personality and the added bonus was that everything fit perfectly! We’ve actually had very good luck with Kidpik when it comes to sizing which surprises me a little bit because quite often it’s hard to size her as she’s a bit tall for her age.

I feel like they are very good about creating clothing that fits a wide range of body types and they always look so stylish!

She was super excited about this silver jacket. I was super excited that as usual, everything in the box seems to flow and style together so nicely. Not only did she get many new pieces, but they can all be worn together which leaves her with so many new outfit options! She was over the moon for these jeans with the rainbow ribbon down the side:

Watch our entire unboxing here:

I hope you enjoyed our kidpik review and I highly recommend this as a fun gift idea for any young fashionistas in your life, I know that mine LOVES Kidpik, 5 star rating from her!



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