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Epson Ultra Bright Home Theater at Best Buy

GREAT Gift Idea for the Entire Family: Epson Ultra Bright Home Theater

*Disclosure: I was compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card for sharing this information with you. Any opinions are 100% my own.

We usually try to save up each year for one fun holiday purchase for the entire family. One year it was a new television, another year it was the ping pong table. We try to make this purchases something that will bring us together, create memories and of course, will last for years to come.

We are not huge television watchers, but as the kids have gotten older we really have enjoyed our time bonding over our favorite shows, movies and we have recently started digging out all of the home movies that we made when the kids were really little. Cuddled up in my living room with the family is one of my favorite places to be. That being said, this is one area of our home that we have spent money on improving and investing in.

Epson Ultra bright home theater

And…let’s not forget the fact that it is FOOTBALL SEASON! Which means that along with some wonderful football games comes the gathering of friends, family and food. For all of those reasons (and probably many more) I really do enjoy the time, energy and money that we put into our entertainment area. For those reasons, this is one item that is on our wish list for the upcoming year!

Epson Ultra bright home theater 2

Ultra-bright Epson Home Cinema 11400

That brings us to this hot gift idea! The ultra-bright Epson Home Cinema 11400 will bring big screen entertainment to any room in the house. With 4400 lumens of Color Brightness, you get rich beautiful Full HD images up to 300”, even in large, well-lit spaces.

Lightweight and portable, the Home Cinema 1440 has a built-in speaker, plus dual HDMI ports to connect your TV/Satellite Box and gaming console – or even plug in a streaming device and turn your favorite series into a blockbuster event.

With crisp 1080p resolution and 3LCD, 3-chip technology, this Epson Home Cinema 1440 projector makes it easy to watch movies and games in vivid detail on the big screen. HDMI and MHL inputs let you connect a variety of media and streaming devices. As technology gets more complicated for me to understand, I actually love that products themselves are getting easier and easier. It’s amazing what these products can do these days!

Even better, this home cinema gets GREAT reviews and the Epson brand along with the Best Buy name makes me confident in the product and also in the customer service. Best Buy employees always fascinate me with their knowledge about the brands that they carry and I love that they are always willing to help answer questions and troubleshoot, should you need them.

Where to purchase? You can find the ultra-bright Epson Home Cinema 11400 at Best Buy in-store or online now!





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