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Incorporating Reading into Your Elf on the Shelf Games

The Elf on the Shelf can help with your educational goals too, here are some fun reading Elf on the Shelf game for to play!

6 Ways to Incorporate Reading Into Your Elf on the Shelf Games

Would you ever have guessed that your Elf on the Shelf would be the perfect way to teach reading skills to your children? It’s true! With a little creativity, you can use your elf to make reading fun and enjoyable for your child. If you aren’t sure where to begin, take a look below at 6 ways to incorporate reading into your Elf on the Shelf adventures. You will find that your elf can be the perfect partner when it comes to practicing these important skills.

Elf on the Shelf Games

1. Model your elf to read to stuffed animals.
A creative way to display your elf is to show him reading to the kid’s stuffed animals. One of the setups you can do can be the elf and all of the stuffed animals gathered. Choose a favorite book and have the elf hold the book as though he is reading and the animals are listening. This is a fun way to model reading as an enjoyable activity.

2. Have the elf leave letters asking children about their favorite books.
Have the elf leave a letter on a sticky note asking children to write a list of their fabric books. You can suggest that Santa needs ideas for other children. This is the perfect way for children to think about their favorite reads and also practice their writing.

3. Invite kids to read to their elf.
Elves make a great audience! Invite kids to grab a book and read to their elf before bedtime. Tell them the elf needs some help falling asleep and a great book will do the trick. This way they are practicing reading aloud and reading to others.

4. Have the elf re-enact scenes from children’s favorite books.
Does your child have a favorite book? Create a scene where the elf has the book open to a fun page and is acting it out. Get creative! Kids will love seeing their elf enjoying the book as much as they do. When done, your child can always read that page to the elf or try acting it out themselves!

5. Model the elf to make a recipe. Invite kids to read the elf the recipe.
Create a set up where elf want o create a recipe but can’t read the directions. Invite kids to read the directions to him so when they go to bed, he can create the recipe. You can choose something simple like pudding or jello to make the activity not just fun but easy.

6. Create sight word flash cards.
Chances are your child is working from a list of site words in their classroom. Make flash cards from these site words and place them near the elf. Ask children to read 3-5 site words each day so the elf has the power to move. This is the perfect way to practice sight words as kids will love helping the elf move through their hard work.

As you can see, your elf can be quite helpful when reinforcing reading skills. Give these 6 ways to incorporate reading into your elf on the shelf experience and see how fun it can be.

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