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Daily Harvest Coupon Code + Review

Daily Harvest Coupon Code

Daily Harvest Coupon Code + Review

*This post was created in partnership with the folks from Daily Harvest although I reached out to them after finding that we LOVE these products. Opinions are 100% my own.

Looking for a Daily Harvest Coupon Code!??

Code SHESAVED takes $25 off your order PLUS gives you FREE shipping!! 

I was too, so I got in touch with the folks from Daily Harvest and now I’ve got one to share with you!! We LOVE these products!! 

I’ve said it many times, but sometimes being frugal isn’t always about saving the most money. It’s also about finding the things and products that make your life easier (and healthier, in this case) by finding brands that can save you time and sanity as well. 

We’d been wanting to try Daily Harvest for some time, so in partnership with them – I’m excited to share that we had a chance to check out these products and let me tell you: two thumbs up all round from my family! 

Daily Harvest Flavors

We love smoothie drinks and I’ve felt a bit guilty about the amount of time and money we spend at our local smoothie shop but the fact is, I rarely have all of the products to make smoothies on hand. In the event that I do have everything I need, it’s a job to throw them together and even a bigger job (and expense) to keep the fruits and veggies in stock. 

With all that being said, it’s still a huge goal of mine to keep my active kids fueled with healthy breakfast and snack options. Daily Harvest has been an awesome solution for us and I can honestly tell you this is a product that we’ll continue to order and keep stocked in our freezer. 

Daily Harvest Drinks

Each smoothie is the perfect serving size and there are so many to choose from. With the ingredients clearly listed on the Daily Harvest product pages, it’s so easy to select your favorites and know exactly what you are getting. 

Daily Harvest Smoothies

SAVE $25 off plus FREE Shipping Daily Harvest Coupon Code

Looking for a Daily Harvest coupon code? I’ve got one for you!!

Use coupon code: SHESAVED to score $25 OFF plus FREE shipping on your first Daily Harvest order.

This Daily Harvest coupon code is such a great way to try out these products! It means that you can actually order the NINE pack of smoothies (your choice of flavors) for $45 shipped. That’s only $5 per smoothie and I’m telling you, they are THAT good.

In fact, they very closely compare to the ones we purchase at the smoothie shop locally for around $6.95 so I appreciate that we can have them right in our freezer to make on a moments notice for even less money! 

My daughter has been using them to make smoothie bowls. She just makes them a little thicker and pours them over granola and adds berries and bananas on top BUT you can also order their pre-made Daily Harvest Bowls right on their site as well (this coupon will work for those too!) 

I’m pretty picky about the products that I’ll endorse in this manner but Daily Harvest is one that I can totally stand behind and add to my list of very favorite things.

I love a product that solves problems and this one solves quite a few for us. My family not only loves these products, but they are a healthy and nutritious option that I feel good about. 

Daily Harvest Coupon

Daily Harvest Review of Smoothies

We’ll be checking out the Daily Harvest Bowls and Soup products next but I have to say, the Daily Harvest smoothie products were a hit with my entire family.

I think my favorite thing about these products is the story behind the brand and the fact that these combinations are created by in-house chefs and nutritionists and that the food products used are meticulously sourced from farmers. They have a very fresh taste and feel to them, you can literally taste the quality. 

We each selected a couple of flavors and I think we all agreed that the Acai + Cherry smoothie was our favorite, but they were all yummy. And even better, they all blend up super quick and easy which is fantastic for grabbing a healthy snack on the go. 

Head on over the Daily Harvest website and see if these products are a fit for your family and don’t forget to use coupon code: SHESAVED to score $25 OFF plus FREE shipping on your first Daily Harvest order.

Daily Harvest coupon code SHESAVED will save you $25 off and get you free shipping


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