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Cheap Pillowcases and Affordable Decorating Ideas

I love decorating on the cheap, and I’m always looking for fun ways to bring the high dollar looks to my home without spending the high dollars! There are so many options for cheap pillows right now, everything from a fancy silk pillowcase option to a more casual Pottery Barn knock off look. 

I used to be hard to find inexpensive pillowcase options, but now they seem to be everywhere. If you are shopping in store, some of my favorite sources are: Big Lots, TJ Maxx and Target. Shopping online for cheap pillowcases is an entirely different ballgame – they are everywhere! 

Here are some of my favorite online source to help you find cheap pillowcases: 

Cheap Pillowcases

I'm a huge fan of home decor on the cheap and it doesn't get much better than pillowcases for under $3.00 each!! Great way to add a pop of color to a room!

I LOVE changing up my decor and one of the very best tips that I have for home decor on the cheap is to change up little things like rugs and pillows.

Home Decor Pillows

I have recently discovered some huge selection of unique pillow cases which have allowed for me to add a pop of color to a few rooms without putting a huge dent in my pocketbook! *plus they get great reviews!

Unique Pillow Cases

Aren’t these fantastic? Check out the huge selection of unique pillow cases, literally something for everyone and every room. These would make wonderful gifts as well! Many are under $3.00 each and most are under $10 each! Ways to change your decorPillowcase SaleCute Pillow cases

What I love about these unique pillowcases is that you can put them right over pillows that you already have (just make sure to check the size, I order mostly 18″ x 18″ pillowcases – but there are other size options) OR you can also get a pretty great deal on the pillow inserts.Pillow Inserts

The best deal that I have found is this 4 pack of 18″ x 18″ pillow inserts for $21.99 that gets great reviews as well. Such a fun, easy and affordable way to change up your decor without making huge decisions or spending too much!

Hello Gorgeous Pillow

She Says…

“Remember, Amazon prices can change at anytime, and if you can find an item when it is reduced in price, it’s a great way to score awesome deals and stock up without even having to leave the house!  Make sure to keep an eye on your “wish list” items: check my latest Amazon Deals and keep an eye out for great Amazon Warehouse deals.”

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