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BEST Christmas Cookie Recipes

Looking for the best Christmas Cookie recipe? I’ve got our favorites all here for you – with a nice variety so you’ll have several Christmas cookies on your holiday cookie plate! 

Best Christmas cookies recipes

The BEST Christmas Cookie Recipes

Time just flies by and the only good about that is that the quicker time flies, the closer we get to the holidays, which is a time of year that I love!

While I wish time would just slow down, that’s one small thing to look forward to. 

A Christmas in July cookie celebration is also a great excuse to start talking about Christmas, and I’m always up for that!

I’ve teamed up with nine other bloggers to bring you this fun grouping of our favorite cookie recipes, and the one I’m sharing in this round up is one that we loved making last year and definitely plan on making again this year! 

Elegant Christmas Tree Cookies

You can find the complete recipe for my Elegant Christmas Tree Cookies here, but I’ll tell you now that my favorite thing about this recipe is how easy it is, and how wonderfully fancy these cookies end up looking! 

Elegant Christmas Cookies

Elegant Christmas Tree Cookie recipe

How to do a Christmas Cookie Swap: 

Have you ever done a cookie swap?

I’m a huge fan of Christmas party ideas, cookie making and decorating parties, and in the past my friends and I have joined forces to quadruple our recipes and then share cookies to make cookie platters for friends and neighbors.

It’s a great way to come up with a wonderfully diverse plate of cookies, without having to make a ton of different varieties yourself.

Have everyone bake a certain amount of their favorite cookie at home and then when you all meet up, you can all exchange cookies!

For example, if I make 200 of these Elegant Christmas Tree cookies and take them to the cookie exchange where other friends have each brought 200 of their favorite cookie, each person can leave with 10-20 (depending on your plan and group size) of the other people’s cookies and you go home still with 200 cookies, but about 10-20 different styles.

How cool is that!? I love a good Christmas Cookie swap!

You can then use those cookies to give you on Christmas platters, or enjoy them yourself. 

I love how pretty my Elegant Christmas Tree cookies look on a plate of other festive cookies and as you know, during the holidays – presentation is everything! 

Presentation is Everything for Your Cookies

And of course, it’s all about presentation so make sure to serve your cookies in a fun manner. Here are some of our favorite Christmas platters and trays:

Other favorite Holiday Cookies from She Saved

We have so many wonderful cookie recipes on the site, here are a few of our other favorites: 

Eggnog Cookie Recipe (with Eggnog Frosting!)

A super fun Christmas cookie to make, these Reindeer Cookies will be a hit at your holiday party, and this is a great idea for classroom Christmas parties too!

Lofthouse Reindeer Cookie Recipe

Easy Oreo Wreath Cookies

Easy Oreo Wreath Cookies recipe

Aren't these Rice Krispie Reindeer Treats the cutest? We love them and best of all, this is an easy holiday treat to make with little ingredients needed!

Rice Krispie Reindeer Treats Recipe

Wreath Cookies recipe made with cornflakes

Cornflake Wreath Cookie Recipe

More Christmas Cookie Recipes from Favorite Blogger Friends

And make sure you check out these other Christmas in July Cookie Recipes from a few of my talented foodie friends! 

Christmas in July Cookie Post

Chocolate Marshmallow Peppermint Cookies from Walking on Sunshine Recipes

Elegant Christmas Tree Cookies from She Saved

Avalanche Cookies from Cincy Shopper

Snowball Cookies from Flour on My Face

Reindeer Cookies from Mom Skoop

Grinch Cookies from Aileen Cooks

Italian Ricotta Cookies from Ever After in the Woods

Mickey Mouse Cookies from Cutefetti

Lemon Iced Star Shortbread Cookies from Sizzling Eats

White Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies from Tammilee Tips

Favorite Christmas Cookies Recipes

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