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SCANDAL Fans! Bellamy Young Interview: Wrinkle in Time, Season 7 and What’s Next!

Photo Credit: Disney / Alex J. Berliner

SCANDAL Fans! Bellamy Young Interview: Wrinkle in Time, Season 7 and What’s Next!

Disclosure: This event and trip to LA was an all expense paid journey sponsored by Disney. All thoughts, opinions and experiences are 100% my own!

As part of my trip to LA for the World Premiere of A Wrinkle in Time I had the chance to interview the stunning Bellamy Young. Bellamy has a small (but amazingly cool!) role in the movie.

I love this photo of her (above/below) at the premiere. Her dress was from Beirut and it was absolutely gorgeous, as is she. And as you will see in this interview, she is so much more than a pretty face.

From the moment she sat down she was full of energy and so engaging and hilarious. We spoke briefly about her role in A Wrinkle In Time and she said she was thrilled to have been a part of this movie. She already had a connection to Director Ava DuVernay due to the fact that Ava had directed an episode of Scandal so she told us that she jumped at the chance for a role in this movie when Ava came calling.

Ava called and said, “Would you like to do two days on this movie?” …and if she called and said would you like to do two days in my garden I would be like, YES I do! I loved this book so much as a child so it just made it all the better. Working with Ava was a dream.

It’s a very small part but she totally nails it, they even put her in the movie trailer.

Photo Credit: Disney

Expanding on her love for the book A Wrinkle in Time, Bellamy shared that the child in her adored this book:

The book meant everything to me as a kid. I was a science geek kid who was plagued with self doubt. At every point Meg is like “I can’t do this” or “I’m not enough” and to watch her journey into owning who she was …. it felt like a safe safe home and the promise of a great future when I read the book as a kid. I hope what people take away from the movie is that being yourself is your greatest gift.


And THEN the discussion turned to Scandal. This show is going into it’s 7th and final season and you could really tell that she was sad about this show coming to an end. In case you are not familiar with Scandal, Bellamy plays President Melody “Mellie” Grant on the show and I loved hearing her speak to the lessons that she has learned from her role on the show. When asked what she has learned from Mellie, she said:

Everything. I wasn’t supposed to be there five minutes so it has taught me first of all, you show up and you do your best work even when it’s two lines. You never know what’s going to turn into your dream. You never know which lottery ticket might pay. Always show up for yourself and do your best work.

“Always show up for yourself and do your best work.” ~ Bellamy Young

“You never know what’s going to turn into your dream.” ~ Bellamy Young

“You never know which lottery ticket might pay.” ~ Bellamy Young

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

At the time of our interview, she still had no idea how the show will end. When asked how she would write the ending and what she hoped for her character:

I wished for her 8 years in office and a White House wedding for her and Marcus. I literally don’t know. Looking at the chess board at the second to last episode, I’m glad I’m not a writer on this show. Who and how and what they’ve done. What would you do? 

One thing that really stood out to me is that Bellamy truly loves her roll on Scandal. She just lights up talking about it and you could tell that the relationships on the show were very real and dear to her heart. She literally got emotional talking about the show coming to an end, and I loved (loved!) hearing her talk about what her role on Scandal has meant to her:

It has been transformational for me because I used to be really mean to myself in my own head and when you are really mean to yourself in your own head, you wind up being mean to people in real life too because of that whole perfectionist thing. When you really just know that you are doing the best you can and hopefully you have wonderful people around you who are doing the best they can … then you wind up being able to enjoy it and be grateful and be present. It has taught me that people don’t judge me as much as I judge me and that all that matters is trying with your full heart. Failure is a big teacher, right? We forget that part. When you mess up there is a lot of good information in the mess up. Mellie has been a gift.

“Mellie has been a gift. ~ Bellamy Young”

What’s next for Bellamy Young? 

You could tell that she was really sad about Scandal coming to an end however, great news! She’s currently working on an ABC pilot called False Profits. She’s super excited about the new show and I’m looking forward to getting a peek at what she’s up to next. I have a feeling that we will see Bellamy in some fantastic roles in the future.

I really enjoyed my time getting to know Bellamy Young and I think that she’s definitely one to watch for in the future and I personally can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing lady.

Photo credits: Louise Bishop / MomStart.com

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