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At the End of Our Rainbow

You might remember this photo that I shared on my facebook page showing the beautiful rainbow that was behind our house last week. Well, being St. Patrick’s Day… the kids were just certain that there was a pot of gold up there somewhere. Last night, my son built an elaborate leprechaun trap and this morning we woke to find that the trap had sprung and that little naughty leprechaun got away with the golden rocks that he had baited the trap with!

So, Daddy came home from work early and we all went searching for treasure… we had such a great time together and you know what? We found it! Right up in those hills behind our house … treasure. The kids were so excited, and even more so when they discovered that the golden rocks that sneaky leprechaun took from our house last night were in his pot of coins!

“We’re rich!”, my son said … excited to count his pennies. I don’t very often feel “rich” … but I do today. Especially after my son told me that the funnest part about finding the treasure was the time we spent searching  for it.

Isn’t that the truth!!?

It’s all about the journey … and what you discover along the way!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!! Blessings!!



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  1. I am kicking myself that I didn’t do anything Leprechaun related with the kids yesterday. It’s on my list for next year!

    So glad that you had such fun together! I loved reading this!!


  2. Next time you see a rainbow… take some pics. It was the perfect map for them. Another cute idea is to make tiny green footprints around the house and then have a few things messed up (because Leprechauns are very naughty you know) We had so much fun yesterday!

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