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Local Event: Boise Albertsons on Broadway Potato Palooza Going on NOW!

Local Event: Boise Albertsons on Broadway Potato Palooza Going on NOW!

You know how excited I get about my local Albertsons events and this one is no exception! I’m an Idaho girl through and through and I love my potatoes! If you are local, then make sure to head down to Albertsons on Broadway to enjoy the rest of Potato Palooza! Literally… SO many fun potatos!!

I took my family down this weekend and we had so much sampling the food and checking out all of the wonderful varieties of potatoes, products made with potatoes, from scratch bakery items made with potatoes, and they even had cupcakes made with potatoes and chocolate bark made with potato chips!

And just in case you didn’t get enough of the potato pics, here’s a fun little video montage of some of our fun potato sightings in at the event :

Make sure to head down to Albertsons on Broadway as Potato Palooza runs through September 25th!

A NEW Kind of Store

I’ve been telling people that this new Albertsons store isn’t just a store, it’s an experience. It truly is! A visit to this store curates an experience within each area of the store. If you missed my early post from the Grand Opening of Albertsons on Broadway, it’s a great way to get a peek at just how huge and amazing this store is.

Lots of local flavor. With deep roots in Idaho, this store gives center stage to local farmers, producers and makers, highlighted throughout the store.

Vast international section. Hard-to-find items from around the world that elevate any recipe from ordinary to extraordinary.

The freshest variety of produce. Unique and hard-to-find items and a huge assortment of local and organic options.

The only deli you’ll need. Fine in-store roasted and smoked meats, along with hundreds of varieties of delectable cheeses, including fresh, house-made mozzarella.

Restaurant-style meals. Created by an executive chef to introduce you to new global flavor combinations and inspired takes on your family favorites.

And honestly, so much more. This store is a true experience in the culture of Boise, Idaho and a wonderful glimpse into the Albertsons culture, one that originated here in Boise, Idaho many, many years ago!

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  1. We’ve loved your coverage of the new store and made every event so far – this one had far less festivities but we are hoping to hear of more. We too live in Eagle, but now drive downtown to shop when we can, especially for these fun events, do you happen to know if they will do any holiday related promotions? I’d love to see another Idaho product event so I can do all of my gift shopping. Also enjoyed your coverage of The Nutcracker, going to see it tonight. Thank you Keri Lyn!

  2. Keep checking your site for updates, we’ve loved the events thus far. Any idea when the next one might be and hoping for not advance notice, I see bloggers covering them the day of, which does me no good.
    Also, could y ou find out for me when the Bosie store on Fairview might open? Thks

  3. Hi Barb! I’ll try to find out and let you know! We love the events too, so many neat things happening at the new store, I’ll ask and get back to you!

  4. Any november events at the store? We went to one that was supposed to be wine and beer tasting but couldn’t find it and we looked all over the store – they hype these up but then after parking in that mad house it’s a bummer to get in and find nothing. I’d love a holiday event there.

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