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7 Creative Uses for Juicer Pulp

Love to juice? Save these 7 uses for juicer pulp so that you don't waste a bit!

7 Creative Uses for Juicer Pulp

If you love to juice, chances are you have tons of leftover juicer pulp each day. It seems like such a waste to pitch the pulp, especially when it is still full of not only flavor but vitamins as well. If you have been curious about what you can do with your leftover juicer pulp, take a look at these 7 creative uses for juicer pulp. You will find that juicer pulp can in fact be quite practical and purposeful!

1. Make your own dried snacks.

Take the pulp and place it in a food dehydrator. Once the pulp is dry it will be like a fruit/vegetable leather or snack. Add the dried pieces to trail mix or just enjoy as a snack. If you wish, you can blend the pulp with a little honey prior to drying for extra flavor.

2. Make some frosty treats.

Use fruit pulp to make your own frosty treats. Add them to fruit juice and freeze in popsicle trays for a cold treat on a hot day. You can even add the pulp to water and pour into ice cube trays for flavored water.

3. Whip up your own broth.

You can boil vegetable pulp along with water to make your own simple version of broth. Add fresh seasonings or herbs to get the flavor to your liking then enjoy!

4. Add some spark to your soup.

You can add vegetable pulp to soups and stews. It will not only thicken it, but it will also add vitamins and fiber.

5. Boost your burgers.

When making hamburger patties, toss in some vegetable pulp. It will add some fresh flavor as well as fiber to your burger. It may even hold the patty together nicely for you.

6. Add flavor to baked goods.

Use fruit pulp in your baked goods recipes. You can add it directly into mixtures for muffins, cookies, and cakes for a sweet boost of healthy flavor. If you are really feeling ambitious, try adding it to breads and cookies as well.

7. Whip up your own beauty products.

You can use vitamin rich juicer pulp in your homemade skin scrubs and other beauty products. Just add it directly to the mixture and enjoy. The pulp will add vitamins, minerals, and even moisturizing agents that your skill will love. Pinterest is a great source for homemade skin scrubs, moisturizers and more!

Remember, even if you aren’t feeling so creative, you can always use your juicer pulp in your compost bin. It doesn’t get any easier than that! But if you are feeling creative, give these 7 creative uses for juicer pulp a try in your own home. You will never want to toss that valuable juicer pulp out again!

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