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Sonic: New Menu Items: French TOASTER Breakfast Sandwich & Lil’ Doggies and Lil’ Chickies

To kick off 2015 the right way, SONIC Drive-In is introducing some new and exciting menu items with the launch of its sweet and savory new French TOASTER Breakfast Sandwich, and a new line of Lil’ Doggies and Lil’ Chickies, mini-sized hot dogs and chicken sliders.

We don’t do the drive-thru very often, but when we do, my kids think that Sonic is a real treat. I will admit that if we stop, it’s so that mama (moi) can get a lemon slushie and grab a quick bite on the go. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a couple options for quick and affordable new menu items that are worth trying!

 Sonic ToasterFor breakfast:

Available with sausage or bacon, the new French TOASTER Breakfast Sandwich is made with fluffy scrambled eggs and melty cheese sandwiched between two slices of golden French toast, creating a sweet new addition to SONIC’s popular TOASTER sandwich lineup.

For lunch:

Starting at only $1.29, the new Lil’ Doggies and Lil’ Chickies come available in three flavors each:Sonic Doggie

Lil’ Doggies

Chili Cheese Lil’ Doggie™

Classic Lil’ Doggie topped with ketchup and yellow mustard

Baja Jalapeno & Chili Lil’ Doggie topped with chili, spicy cheese sauce and jalapenos.

Lil’ Chickies

Classic Lil’ Chickie™ with pickles and mayo

BBQ Lil’ Chickie with Hickory BBQ sauce and pickles

Buffalo Lil’ Chickie with SONIC’s tangy Buffalo sauce

Our thoughts? The French TOASTER Breakfast Sandwich is BIG, but also just the right size. My kids loved their Lil’ Doggies and I love that they offer 3 flavors of both the Lil’ Doggies and Lil’ Chickies. If you stop in during happy hour, you can grab a 1/2 price drink as well and have a very affordable little meal on the run!

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