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Pusheen the Cat: Unboxing of the Pusheen Summer 2016 Subscription Box

Check out our Pusheen Unboxing video where we share all of the wonderful goodies in the Pusheen Summer 2016 subscription box!

We recently partnered with the folks at Pusheen to share with you their Pusheen Summer 2016 subscription box. These boxes are sold out now, but if you are interested, I would definitely check out their website because they will be taking orders for fall boxes soon. At under $45 per box, these are an amazing deal for any Pusheen collector because as you might have guessed, not only are Pusheen items hard to find, but they can be expensive. Our box had merchandise that would be over $100 in value if you were able to but this stuff in stores, which (the even cooler part!) you can’t.

I am Pusheen the CatAre you familiar with Pusheen the cat? For us, it all started with a little book called I am Pusheen the Cat by Claire Belton. The book tells the story of a chubby little (and quite lazy) adorable cat named Pusheen. It’s all very simple but super darling. Thus, my 9 year old daughter has been obsessed with all things Pusheen for over a year now.

If you have a young reader (or actually any age!) who loves cats, this is such a fun book! It’s filled with all kinds of facts about Pusheen, including the fact that Pusheen is a blogger! No wonderful we love her so much! My daughter has carried this book around with her for over a year, and she has even gotten many of her friends hooked on Pusheen. She even talked the school librarian into ordering this book!

Here’s a fun unboxing video that we made so that you can see all of the goodies that came in our Pusheen Summer 2016 subscription box!

Pusheen the Cat: Unboxing of the Pusheen Summer 2016 Subscription Box

We can’t wait to see what the Pusheen people come up with next! Here are a few of our other favorite Pusheen items:

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