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Great Gift Idea!! Perfect Petzzz Review

My daughter recently brought home a Perfect Petzzz puppy as a souvenir from a trip that we were on.

She loves plush toys and has quite a collection of furry friends but nothing like this lifelike pet from Perfect Petzzz.

Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever Puppy Plush Toy
Image credit: Perfect Petzzz

It took her over an hour to pick him out, there were so many different dog breeds to choose from: Pug, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Yorkie, Cavalier King Charles, Labradors (she went with the chocolate lab) and there is even a Perfect Petzzz Orange Tabby cat (that’s the next on on her list, by the way)

Where to buy Perfect Petzzz

Originally these were mostly found in specialty gift shops and boutiques but now you can find them in many stores, including the Perfect Petzzz Amazon Store which has a HUGE selection of Perfect Pets! 

Perfect Petzzz Review

When we love great things, we love to share them! These adorable plush lifelike dogs and cats are so well made, and the next best thing to a real pet. 

As I mentioned, my daughter selected the Perfect Petzzz Chocolate Lab puppy and is madly in love with him. The gift shop owner told me that she was having trouble keeping them in stock and I can see why. These are so much fun, and just way too cute. I love that these adorable pets give kids a real pet ownership experience without the vet bills, cost of food, etc. It gives them the opportunity to experience what having their own pet might be like, without a huge commitment.

This might be a wonderful way to show children what owning real pets might be like and is a unique alternative to jumping head first into purchasing or adopting a real dog. A great alternative to REAL pets or a great way to do a trial run to see what having a real pet might be like. (of course a REAL pet is a lot more work, which might be another reason that these realistic plush pets are a good option for some families!) 

Everything included when you purchase a Perfect Petzzz Realistic Dog Plush: bed, carrier, collar, brush and adoption papers
Image credit: Perfect Petzzz

These precious petzzz animals would also make a great gift idea for holidays like Christmas, Easter or birthdays. I was also thinking that these companion plush toys aren’t just for kids. They would be cute in an apartment where someone isn’t allowed to have pets and they might also be a nice gift for someone in a care center or nursing home, or maybe even someone with Alzheimer’s disease. A lifelike puppy that needs no real care or attention.

Perfect Petzzz Review 

My daughter’s Perfect Petzz name is Sleep Head (go figure) and I am quite impressed. We have had him for over 2 weeks and his battery (they require a D battery) is still going strong AND he has been going from the moment that we purchased him. They also come with adoption papers, a collar and a pet tag and a cute plush dog bed, a dog brush and a cute carrying kennel. I think the accessories might vary, so consider that if you are purchasing as well. My daughter loved the adoption certificate and enjoyed filling that out with his name as soon as she named him.

What I love about these little pets is that they are more than your normal plush. A Perfect Petzzz companion is so lifelike – when you watch their belly move up and down as they “breathe” you almost forget that it’s not a real animal. They come with a battery that you can activate as soon as you purchase them, and that begins their “breathing” and in Sleepy Head’s case, a very subtle cute puppy snore. I did notice that not all of the animals had the tiny snore, so that might just be specific to him.

Perfect Petzzz for Alzheimer’s Patients

Here’s another interesting idea for these little plush companions. The American Association of Geriatric Psychiatrists actually recommends these as a great way for grandchildren and grandparents to interact – and a wonderful tool for Alzheimer’s patients. I was reading the comments on Amazon and was surprised and how many people loved these for that very reason – but it makes total sense! 

Which is YOUR favorite Perfect Petzzz?

I think mine would have to be the golden retriever but there are so many in the Perfect Petzzz collection to choose from. My daughter stewed for quite some time about which breed to select, and she almost even selected a kitty, but in the end, she chose this sweet little chocolate lab puppy, here’s a fun video peek:

Here is a peek at some of the other Perfect Petzzz breeds, aren’t they darling??


Perfect Petzzz Cat

As I mentioned above, there are also Perfect Petzzz Cat options


As I mentioned above, there are also Perfect Petzzz Cat options. Also made with synthetic fur, the cats are a nice addition to this collection.

Each Perfect Petzz is it’s own character, much like real pets.

I think that’s why we love them so much! When you give them to the perfect person in a loving new home, they are sure to get lots of cuddle time (and a lot of sleep time too!) Run on an alkaline battery, they are easy keepers and so much fun!

Perfect Petzzz Mini Realistic Sleeping Dog

Mini Version of Perfect Petzzz plush dog doy
Image credit: Perfect Petzzz

Did you know that Perfect Petzz now makes a MINI version of their popular breathing sleeping plush dogs? The Perfect Petzzz Pets Mini Realistic Sleeping Dog Toy doesn’t have the breathing movement like the bigger version that I shared above, but these mini realistic pets do snore and are so cute and about 1/2 the size and 1/2 the price.

The Perfect Petzzz Mini comes with a single use battery, so you can’t replace the battery once his original battery goes out, but still a really cute gift item. Here is our video review of the Perfect Petzzz Mini Golden Retriever: 

I think my favorite is the Perfect Petzzz Pug dog but my daughter loves the Perfect Petzzz Golden Retriever like shown above – he’s next on her wish list!

Accessories for Your Perfect Petzz

Don’t forget the accessories! Once you start collecting these realistic plush pets – you’ll want to spoil them with lots of love and the ultimate pet products!! See the selection of accessories for lifelike plush pets here.

If you do want to give these as a gift, you might also consider an Amazon gift card so the person you are buying for can select their own special pup for cuddles, snuggles and long walks on the beach (ok, maybe no long walks on the beach .. but you get the idea!) Amazon also offers free shipping which makes it a great place to purchase these perfect little pets!

This is NOT a paid review, nor did I receive this product in exchange for my review, but this is actually a purchase that we made and enjoyed so much that I wanted to share it because… great things should be shared and I love these cute critters as a new constant companion and great gift idea!

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