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My Trip to P&G Headquarters for Access P&G #AccessPG

My Trip to P&G Headquarters for Access P&G #AccessPG

*Disclosure: I am a compensated spokesperson and product endorser for P&G Gold Brand products, and they do provide me with these products to facilitate my reviews. This trip was an all expense paid opportunity,  however, these opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by another person.

A couple of weeks ago,  I had the awesome opportunity to fly to Cincinnati to participate in an event called Access P&G. This event was created to bring bloggers and P&G brands together, and it was no surprise to me that from start to finish it was a perfect pairing.

You might know, from reading my blog, that I am quite fond of the P&G line up of brands. They are products that I use in my home and I am quite often sharing them with you in reviews, giveaways and product shares. I love the time and attention that this brand pays to it’s consumers and I especially love (because I have seen it first hand) the passion that they have for the products that they are creating, and the great lengths that they go through to when it comes to meeting the mark with their end users.Vanessa

So…needless to say, a joining of bloggers and brands was brilliant. We started off the event with an evening of delicious appetizers and drinks, and a little chit chat with Vanessa Lachey. (You might remember that I met her hubby at P&G last year.) Vanessa was just as nice, and definitely a very down to earth person. As a new mom, I think that she fits the part of a P&G spokesperson very well!P&G Yoga

Day two started with what? A Yoga class! Sponsored by Tampax Pearl Active, it was such a nice way to start the day and it reminded me of why I used to love yoga so much. (*add that to the list of things that I need to get back to…it was awesome!)

PawlOne of my favorite events from day two included an official meeting with Pawl Griffin… also known as the VP of Canine Communications for IAMs. He’s not only a super good kisser (trust me, I know!) but he’s also loads of fun. I highly recommend following him on twitter at @PawlGriffin …he’s a dog-gone funny pooch!
Our time with Pawl included a neat look into what all goes into the research and development of IAMS products including their newest line of IAMS So Good Dog Food and Pawls favorite snacks, the new IAMS Shakeables!

As crazy as it sounds (because it DOES sound a bit crazy to say that I get excited about paper towels) but … I did get pretty excited about the time we spend learning about the new Bountry DuraTowels (which by the way, I had already fell in love with) but seeing them in action was really eye opening. We watched a demonstration in which a Bounty DuraTowel held a large weight which made the other paper towels quickly break in two. It was like watching a circus act…I was holding my breath that my dear DuraTowel would not disappoint, and it was a proud moment when that tough little towel didn’t tear. Dang! I love Bounty! (If you haven’t yet used these towels, I am not a-jokin’… they are beyond amazing, kudos to P&G for this product!)


Next up? A trip to the P&G Archives. I had the opportunity to visit the archives last fall, but I was so looking forward to visiting again, because it is just such a neat place. P&G has acquired so many brands over the years, and to visit their archives is literally a stroll down memory lane. Some products I really do remember from childhood, and some I remember from my grandmother (and great grandmothers) homes! We were even allowed to “smell” some of these products, and it is amazing what a vintage bottle of Herbal Essence shampoo can do to whip you right back to 1987. WOW. Anyway… the archives are a wonderful collection of products and evolution of brands through the years. Here’s just a peek at some of the things tucked in the archive rooms:

P&G Archives

Another highlight (so many highlights!) was the make -over clinic that we attended in which we learned so many tricks and beauty secrets! I will actually be sharing some of these with you in another post, but here’s a quick look at all of the goodies that we got to play with:


And here’s me having a grand old time playing with all of this fun make-up! It’s amazing how exciting the right tools are when someone teaches you how to use them! (more on that soon, so keep an eye out!)

Make UP

Overall… such a neat experience and I so enjoyed getting to see some of my favorite bloggers and meet some new ones as well! One of my favorite parts of all of the traveling that I do is that I am always meeting new people along the way. Here’s one of my newest blogging friends, Chelsea, who blogs over at Some Day I’ll Learn. We had quite a fun time together!

me and chelsea

Most of all, a HUGE thank you to my friends at P&G for allowing me to be a part of this experience. I met so many neat people and am always excited about learning more about the P&G brands and the people that bring these products to us, the consumers!


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