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How to Make Letters from Santa!!

How to Make Letters from Santa

How to Make Letters from Santa!!

Oh the magic of Santa! I love it and nothing is more magical than Santa!

I grew up with it and it’s definitely celebrated in our home. These photos are ones that have created magical conversations around here for years. That is our living room and no one has any idea where these photos came from, or how Santa was captures, but they were found in our family box of pictures one day. Magical, right?

How to Make Letters from Santa

Every year my kids leave letters for Santa, and every year he leaves return letters for them. If your kids are too young to write their own letters to Santa, you can help them by printing out this FREE Letter to Santa printable.

Then the real magic happens when they get return letters from Santa. Children love everything from footprints in the snow to glitter sprinkled on the floor. All magical signs that Santa has been there. Getting an actual letter from him is even more exciting.

Free Letter to Santa

How to make letters from Santa? 

The key to getting letters from Santa is doing things that allow for Santa to respond. Letters from Santa can be as subtle as a reindeer footprint on the bottom of their Christmas list or even snapping a photo of Santa in your living room. You can also print your own Letter from Santa for free from Elfi. Such a fun way to share the magic and joy of the season.

FREE Printable Thank You Note

And of course, don’t forget to have the kids say thank you! Print out my FREE Printable Thank You Cards, which will come in really handy after Christmas!!

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