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How Do YOU Hi-Chew? Why We LOVE Hi-Chew

*Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Hi-Chew and all opinions are 100% my own. 

Why do we love Hi-Chew? Let me count the ways!! I personally love to keep Hi-Chews on hand because they make awesome midday snacks and I also usually keep a few in my car and purse because they almost always hit the spot when I’m running low on energy. BUT I also love to keep them on hand because Hi-Chew make great gifts for just about anyone! I mean, who doesn’t love them!?

I’m sure you are familiar with Teacher Appreciation Week? My kids LOVE bringing their teachers gifts each day, but sometimes it’s hard to get creative. This year we felt like we nailed it with these fun little gifts. I mean, giving someone a pack of Hi-Chew is like giving them a smile and a hug all at once!

My son, kept his pretty simple. My daughter got a little more creative:

And let’s face it, I love keeping Hi-Chew on hand so that I always have one of my favorite treats handy!

Haven’t tried Hi-Chew?

Oh man… you are missing out! I can’t quite explain them but they are a yummy mix of chewy and fruity. They have a very “light” feel to them, with a lot of flavor. I’m a big fan of gummy candy, and these are a bit like that, but more like licorice maybe? Very hard to explain, but SO good.

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