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Future-Worm Coming to Disney XD on August 1st!

Future Worm

Future-Worm Coming to Disney XD on August 1st!

While I was in LA last week we had the opportunity to visit Disneytoons Studios for a special screening of the new Disney XD animated comedy adventure series Future-Worm! Future-Worm is one of Disney XD’s new shows and will air on Monday, August 1st! Before I left for LA, my son had already informed me that this was a funny show about a kid that love science and can travel through time and he is VERY excited to see it. So, with his best interest and excitement in mind, I promised to do my best to get the skinny on this new show.

Disney XD’s Animated Comedy Adventure Series Future-Worm

About Future-Worm 

In this animated comedy adventure, an optimistic 12-year-old named Danny Douglas creates a time machine lunch box through which he meets and befriends Future Worm, a fearless worm from the future (with titanium-enforced abs). Together, the duo embarks on adventures through space and time.

Cast: Andy Milonakis as Danny Douglas
James Adomian as Future Worm
Melanie Lynskey as Megan Douglas
Ryan Quincy as Doug Douglas

Ryan Quincy greeted us and sat down with us for a Q & A session. He is the show’s creator and executive producer and you can tell that he is really passionate about his work. Before creating Future-Worm, Ryan worked on South Park which obviously wasn’t something that his kids could watch, so he was really excited about the fact that not only can they enjoy Future-Worm, but they helped him to

Quincy: I always wanted to make a show for my kids, that I could watch with my kids, and that is Future Worm. It’s a fun time travel show. It’s not a show that is time travel in the sense of going back and seeing who knocked the nose off the Sphinx. It’s a lot of fun, it’s absurd, it’s silly. It’s the most fun I’ve had in animation. I love the crew. I love the cast, and I can’t wait to share this with you guys!

Not only did Quincy create the show and the characters, but her literally drew the characters as well! We asked him where he drew all of his inspiration from and I love his answer:

Quincy: I started with just the name, Future Worm. That just sounded funny to me. I started with the name, and of course his name is Future Worm, he has to be a time traveler. So it just started there, and I started thinking about the stuff that I loved as a kid, like I loved pro wrestling, I liked Hulk Hogan, Macho Man. Ultimate Warrior. Mr. T.  Um, Chuck Norris. All that stuff, got thrown into the suit, you know?

That was all the DNA’s of all that, and also just wanting him to have a sidekick. That Chewbacca that would be by you, you know, walking down the halls at school, or just having your back. So, that was really the whole inspiration of the character.  And I just started drawing worms with beards, and weird hairstyles. And then I just started to think of myself as a kid.

I was a little bit on the chubby side, but I also had a weird confidence, and I wanted Danny to have that too. He’s just comfortable in his skin, you know? I used to wear a captain’s hat that I got at Disneyland. So that kind of inspired that look. I wasn’t so much into the science side of things, I was more into art, and drawing, comic books, and making movies.  But I thought it’d be fun to have a kid that’s really into science and playing with that aspect of stuff.

So, I just started drawing those characters, and  it just felt very natural, very organic, how they came to be.

 Executive Producer Ryan Quincy

About Ryan Quincy – Creator/Executive Producer: Emmy Award-winning director and producer Ryan Quincy is creator and executive producer of Disney XD’s animated comedy adventure series “Future-Worm!”
Quincy is best known for his work on the long-running animated series “South Park,” for which he won two Emmy Awards in 2008 and 2009 and was nominated in 2010 and 2011, all for Outstanding Animated Program. He also created IFC’s animated series “Out There,” for which he also voiced the lead role of Chad.
Quincy began his career as an animator on the full-length feature film “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut,” and spent twelve years working on the series in various roles including animation producer, animation director and lead animator.
A native of Holdrege, Nebraska, Quincy received his Bachelor of Arts in English and a graphic design minor at the University of Nebraska Kearney. He aspired to be a pro-surfer, but a career-ending injury landed him in the hospital where he spent a lot of time watching cartoons, which sparked his love for animation, leading him to pursue it as a career.
Quincy currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife and young son and daughter. His hobbies include playing basketball and fishing.

After the Q & A we had the chance to meet some of the artists and they even drew original cartoons for us on Future-Worm lunch boxes! Here is a photo of me and Disney Future-Worm artist Alex Horan.

Future Worm Aritst

He sketched Danny and Future Worm (the two main characters) on my lunchbox. Didn’t he do an amazing job? (well, obviously… this IS his job, but wow!)

Totally geeky, but I video taped the whole thing so that my son could get a peek behind the scenes and I thought that you might enjoy it too! We had just screened an episode, so I was just blown away at how these writers and animators were able to perfectly capture things that would interest a young boy. You can tell that they have had a blast creating this show:

Then Ryan Quincy finished the masterpiece by adding on the female character Bug.

Future Worm Sketch

Future Worm Artist

Future Worm Characters

Don’t forget! 

Disney XD’s Animated Comedy Adventure Series Future-Worm

aires on Monday August 1st, 2016!

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