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Fontanini Nativity Set Review

If you are looking for a beautiful Nativity set, I wanted to share mine with you because now might be a great time to start your collection as the prices drop quite a bit in January. My husband actually purchased my first set (the 6 piece Fontanini Lighted Nativity Set) for me right after the holidays a few years ago, and it can save you quite a bit by buying these Fontanini nativity figures after Christmas.

If there are limited editions that you want, I’d definitely not wait for those to go on sale as they usually sell out but for the most part, a Fontanini Nativity Collection is one that you can build slowly over time, especially if you watch the sales and add a new piece every now and then.

Fontanini by Roman Nativity Set

I also LOVE the idea of a set like this for a wedding gift. If you were to gift a Fontanini Nativity scene, I would definitely consider the complete nativity sets (or at least one that includes the resin stable and basic characters) and then the recipient of your gift can immediately enjoy it as they add to it over time.

I started my collection with the 6 piece Fontanini Lighted Nativity Set.Plus, shipping is FREE with Amazon Prime. I want to point out that a few reviewers gave this set bad reviews stating that it was ONLY the nativity set, and no characters, but I believe that they are getting confused as to where they ordered from.

The set I shared is sold from Fontanini by Roman, which is where mine came from and it was definitely a 6 piece set. I suggest that when you order, you just make sure it’s coming from that seller.

Fontanini Nativity Set Figures 5″ Scale

  • Made in Italy
  • Hand painted Figs
  • Intricate Detail
  • Traditional Design
  • Includes Story Card

I also shop directly off of the Fontanini site from time to time as they have some pretty awesome sales. Another thing that I love about these scale polyresin Fontanini figures is that they each come in their own gift box and include a little insert story card that explains who they are and their biblical role. This makes these scale Fontanini nativity pieces such a meaningful gift as we have enjoyed adding each new figurine and learning about them as we unbox them during the Christmas season each year.

I truly believe that this collection has not only taught my children so much about the Holy family, but these nativity set pieces have been such wonderful conversation starters and are as much of a part of our holiday tradition as baking Christmas cookies and singing Silent Night. I love that the entire Fontanini Heirloom Nativity collection centers around the birth of Christ and the special occasion of his birth. Each of the 5 inch scale figures from the Emanuele Fontanini set celebrates our savior in a way that children can see as they set up the nativity scene and create a city.

Favorite Fontanini characters include the Three Kings, The Drummer Boy, The Fontanini Gloria Angel (she might be my favorite!), and then of course the wonderful individual shops and stores like the Blacksmith Shop and the Carpenter Shop, the Spice Shop, the Wine Shop, the Bread Shop … all so detailed and many have light up features or extra accessories that are just fascinating to children.

AND!! That’s the thing, these resign figures are not fragile like your Grandmother’s nativity set – kids CAN play with these and I love that because that is how they learn to appreciate the story behind the birth and celebration of Jesus. The design team behind these pieces really thought of everything with so much detail and creativity. My kids actually PLAY with these pieces and I love that!

Fontanini nativity set figurine Christmas decor and collectible

The sheep herder and angle with little lamb from the Fontanini nativity collection

Flower girl with flower cart as part of the Fontanini Nativity collection and Christmas decor

Why I love this nativity set

One of the reasons that I love collecting these items is because they have become a huge part of our Christmas traditions. We love to get our set out each year. I also love to add to my collection, so my husband and kids always have gift ideas in mind for me so it makes Christmas shopping for mom really easy 🙂

The lighted nativity (it has a small bulb and it just plugs into an outlet) is so pretty during the holidays, such a wonderful decor piece and it makes for a lovely display in our front room.

As I mentioned above, these pieces are made of a polymer type material and they are so durable. My kids have played with them over and over again, and they really do stand up to the test of time. The baby Jesus is removable which is a neat feature as you can actually place him in Mary’s arm and another feature that I really love is the fact that the pieces each come with story books that explain each character, and even include a story that quite often has a biblical reference. For more info on why I love this collection, check out my video here:

Save on Fontanini Nativity Sets

The best way to shop and save on these sets is to look for deals in the off season. From time to time Fontanini will offer coupon codes or free shipping and you might even see them offer “free with purchase” items. Last year, I got the water fountain and a few other pieces for free once I met a minimum order requirement. They also do a Fontanini Christmas in July event that seems to have a lot of great deals.

Resin Fontanini Nativity Characters

Another tip for saving on Fontanini: if you are buying these for someone else, give them money to spend on the ones that they want. My husband started doing that for me for Christmas and then I would shop in January (after Christmas) and I was able to get so much more for my money since the prices drop drastically after the holiday. 

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