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Great Father’s Day Gift Idea: Rockwell 6S Razor Review

Rockwell Razor ReviewIf you are looking for a GREAT Father’s Day gift idea, I have an excellent suggestion. I recently had the opportunity to review the Rockwell 6S Razor and I have to tell you, this thing is hands down the most amazing razor that I have ever used. After the initial investment, this is a razor that will last for years, and it uses affordable blades that cost a fraction of the price of the cartridges that most razors use.

Good news travels fast and the Rockwell Razor started with a kickstarter campaign that was funded in just ONE DAY!! Also – and an added bonus – these razors are made right here in the good ol’ US of A.

It isn’t a part of our budget that I have thought about too often, but razors can be expensive… and they add up over time. I love the idea of this high quality razor that will not only last a lifetime, but probably save you quite a bit in the long run.

I will take quality over quantity any and everyday of the week and this product is a perfect example of that, which is why that I feel that this item also makes for a wonderful and very thoughtful gift idea.

Our thoughts? Well, my first thought is that I would love to get this razor back from my husband who has since claimed it as his own. This is the very best razor that I have ever used, and he would tell you the same thing. It is almost hard to explain but it feels like a professional shave (not that either of us have ever had one, lol!) but it just feels like the richest and cleanest shave that you have ever had. Very soft and smooth and strong – a real.soft.smooth.strong shave. How’s that? I really don’t know how else to explain it but if a shave could be described as the best shave that money can buy, then I think that is what this is.

Rockwell Razors (RockwellRazors.com) takes men’s grooming back to its roots with a retro-inspired safety razor that makes the classic shave concepts of the mid-1900s available to the modern man.

A great gift recommendation, the stainless steel Rockwell 6S is a reengineered safety razor that uses innovative, “flippable” plates that provide six shave sizes. This means that every man can adjust the Rockwell 6S to find the perfect shave for his unique skin and facial hair. Even better, the 6S uses affordable, double-edge blades that last just as long as cartridges at a fraction of the cost.
Rockwell Razor
Forged in America and built to last for generations, the durable and classic-looking Rockwell 6S helps men customize their razors, stop over-spending on cartridges and reinvent their shaves.

SAVE on the perfect Father’s Day gift!!

Right now, through May 1st, SheSaved readers can save 20% off on their purchase of Rockwell Razors! Just visit the Rockwell Razor site here, and enter code SHESAVED6S to get your discount. If you want one of these razors, get your order in asap as due to the demand, they turn around on these is about a month out. But it’s ok … good things are worth waiting for!

Make sure to follow Rockwell Razors on facebook to keep up with all of latest news, updates, special offers and some really cool articles!
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