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She Supports Small Business

I love to support small business owners! If you have an online website, etsy shop or product please share in the comments below, along with any deals that you are currently running so that we can support each other in our business ventures! I will keep an eye on these through the holidays and if I see a sale, I might just share your link!

I will read through them and share them as we go, or as needed, and I might even feature your business in a post! *Please no spammy or referral links, or they will be removed.

Keri Lyn
Meet the author – Keri Lyn

The creative and frugal mind behind She Saved for over 12 years now, Keri Lyn shares her adventures in parenting along with her love for family travel, country living and brand marketing. A self-proclaimed “brand loyalist”, Keri Lyn is known for her strong and enthusiastic voice when it comes to the products and brands that she loves. She Saved has become a community for like-minded consumers who appreciate saving money, time and sanity by getting the best deals on quality products and experiences.

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  1. Please leave a link to your business page here (I will probably have to approve the comment before it will be seen.)

  2. Hi, there! I’m so excited for the opportunity to share what I do with your readers! <=D I have an Etsy shop featuring home and event decor made from intricately cut paper … I specialize in off-beat, unique wedding decorations and layered paper artwork. I'm planning on running some specials for Cyber Monday this year! <=) Thanks so much! -Nina


  3. What a nice thing to do! I have been making hair bows for years for my daughter and just started selling them & Scarf pins on Facebook & Etsy (although currently I am just getting it going on Etsy and have more things for sale on my Facebook page)!
    Here is my page…there is a link to my Etsy shop on my FB page! Thanks for doing this!!


  4. These are gorgeous @c35377e2e49d03bbc15c971c0ff5bdf4:disqus…I am SO happy to have your your work, I have always wanted these silhouettes done of my kids, they are wonderful. Make sure to come back and post your specials here (you can use same thread) as I would love to share,and I will def. be ordering 🙂 I actually have one of these of my son, but have always wanted one of my daughter…but now I am thinking I should have you do them both, going to see about getting you photos!

  5. You are so welcome @maddiegshairbows:disqus! I love (love!) this bow… do you keep these in stock? (my daughter does horse shows/parades) Would love this for her stocking (glad I asked you all to post, I am getting all my shopping done!)

  6. @f6906d61c46ff11912c1551af938c8ff:disqus, these are fabulous!! Sharing with all of my pregnant friends, and I am so happy you shared. Make sure to let us know what the discount codes/sales are!!

  7. Thank you so much!! Really appreciate you checking my little business out. No need for any code, it does it automatically 🙂

  8. I am so impressed with these shops! My daughter just added your bubblegum soap to her wish list… thank you so much for sharing, what neat creations. Is there a code for the sale or is it automatic? Feel free to share any sale details here in the comments!

  9. Wow…these are so cool! Will def. share these tomorrow with my readers, great prices too, awesome gifts, thank you for sharing!

  10. I love your pretties! I also love the write up on page about supporting Mom and Pop businesses… it’s so true! I did art shows for years, and my regular customers meant the world to me. I love that people still “get it” and I am really excited to go shopping in our small town tomorrow. Thank you for sharing!!

  11. The girls love the bubblegum soap or the sugar plum one.

    The sale is automatic. I used etsyonsale, it should show the discount when you click on the listing.

    Once again thank you so much for letting me post here! 🙂

  12. Have you seen the new items Like the At Play is only $10 and our new Facial Cleaning Brush compares to the Prosonic and is only $50.

  13. I am a local Avon representative and would love some new customers. I have been selling for a little over a year but with homeschooling my boys and volunteering at Church it isn’t easy finding time to get new customers. My website is http://www.youravon.com/serenahanson Thank you in advance for any sales.

  14. I am in the Colonial Park area of Harrisburg. I will drop off books and deliver anywhere in the Harrisburg, Hershey, Mechanicsburg areas. Thanks

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