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SheSaved is Proud to Support Agriculture Education

 I started this blog just over 4 years ago, with the hopes that not only would it grow, but it would grow enough to give back… so I am so excited to share this next post with you:

For the SECOND year in a row, SheSaved had the opportunity to sponsor over 80 kids (second graders) to attend the Meridian High School FFA Ag Expo by paying for their busing fees. As you are probably aware… school budgets are tight, and when budgets are tight, little extras like this get “cut” from budgets.

I have to tell you … I jumped on this opportunity for SheSaved to help,  because not only is agriculture  (education) something very near and dear to my heart, but it is also something that I so badly want our future generations to understand. I was very active in 4-H and FFA as a kid, and I am so thankful that these programs are still around for my kids to enjoy one day.

Where does food come from? Are there careen options in Agriculture? What are they? It’s really just as simple as this: No Farms. No Food. But beyond that, there are so many aspects to Agriculture that many people are unaware of, including so many career opportunities!

So… the reason that I share this with you, is also as a thank you… to you, my readers!! Without all of you, SheSaved would not have been able to donate the funds for  this “eager to learn” group of second graders to attend this awesome event! It means a lot to me that these kids get a first hand look at (and are excited to learn about) the so many ways that agriculture touches our lives.

This was a 3 day event that included 29 different hands on educational booths all aimed at educating local first, second and third graders about agriculture and natural resources.

One of the funnest part of the expo was this awesome video put out by Lil’ Fred called “Farm It Maybe”, my kids LOVE this video and I bet yours will get a kick out of it too … so fun:

….and a big thanks to the Meridian (Idaho) FFA Chapter for putting on such a wonderful expo!

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