She Saved Media Kit

Hello! Welcome to She Saved! My name is Keri Lyn, and I’ve been the voice behind this site for over a decade. If you are looking to work with me, I’d love to see if we are a fit! The She Saved media kit will help you get a peek at all of the things that make my site and online community a great place for your brand messaging. 

She Saved Media Kit 2023

I’ve been blogging for over 15 years now and love (love!) the connection between brands and consumers. Being an influencer puts me right in the middle of both worlds, and I love it! This She Saved media kit will show you all of the numbers, but I’m so much more than a bunch of numbers. For over a decade now, I’ve cultivated an audience of like-minded consumers who trust with me to share with them my favorite products and experiences – it’s not a task I take lightly either. I love finding brands that align with my values and give consumers the most bang for their buck! It’s not always about the price tag either – so much more goes into making good decisions about the brands and products that we use in our daily life. 

She Saved Media Kit

A few things you might like to know about Keri Lyn and She Saved

  1. I was part of the Hilton Mom Voyage travel writing team for several years
  2. I am an O, The Oprah Magazine Brand Ambassador which includes some neat opportunities like attending Oprah’s Favorite Things and being featured in O Magazine. and was the O Magazine 2018 O-verall Contribution O-ward winner.
  3. I am an Advisory Board member for Affiliate Summit and don’t even get me started talking about affiliate, it’s one of my true loves!
  4. I’m 50! This means that I’m heavily focusing on many of the brands that are timely for me right now, this includes: fashion, skin care / self care, teen parenting, family travel, finance and financial planning with the overall theme being that TIME (and timing) is everything. 
  5. If I love your brand, I WANT to work with you!

You can read more about me on my About Me Page, but the short version is that I’ve been really blessed with this awesome opportunity to be the voice behind the She Saved community. My site is an audience of like-minded consumers who work hard for their money and put great value (and research) into the ways that they spend it. 

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I’m the proud owner of an 850 credit score, and I attribute that largely to some seriously deep rooted frugal genetics but also a love for finding the very best products and the very best prices. Don’t let the frugality fool you though, I’m also a stickler for quality and believe that spending less doesn’t always mean getting more – in fact, sometimes it’s those extra investments in quality that save you time and sanity and in many cases both of those things can be move valuable than money. 

Everything from product reviews to travel and entertainment, if it makes life better – I love experiencing and sharing it!

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Who is the She Saved reader? 

For over a decade now, I’ve been the voice of – my kids were literally in diapers when I started this site. My audience is a vey like-minded group of (mostly) women who are in a very similar place in their lives right now. Most She Saved readers are over the age of 34, are parents (or grandparents) and are weeding their way through similar life scenarios. 

She Saved readers are frugal and financially savvy. They care about quality and convenience and while they appreciate a good deal, they are also brand loyal and appreciate hearing about new products and experiences. They value family time and investing in brands and products that enhance their quality of life.

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If it’s a fit for me, I would love to chat with you about ways that we could elevate your brand. I’m versed in all levels of online marketing – everything from affiliate marketing (my favorite) to SEO and just plain old storytelling. The key is to do what is right for YOUR product needs! 

Great things are meant to be shared and if you’d love to collaborate on how we can work together to share YOUR great thing, please email me at and let’s start the conversation!!