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Pretty Rose Votives Craft Activity

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With Valentine’s Day coming quickly, surely you’re looking for some romantic ideas. If you plan to have a cozy dinner at home with the one you love, why not light up the dinner table with these pretty votive jars made with rose petals and tissue paper? They give off a soft, romantic glow and are perfect for setting the mood!

Decoupage Rose Votives
Designed by Amanda Formaro

You will need

glass votive holder
white tissue paper
dried or fresh rose petals and leaves
Medium paint brush
white craft glue
small bowl
paper towels
wax paper

What you do

If using dried rose petals you will need to soften them up by soaking them in a cup or dish of tap water. Do this for the leaves as well. You will need about 6 petals and 2 leaves for each votive. Set these aside to soak.

Tear tissue paper into 1″ squares, no need to be precise. It’s important to tear rather than cut as you will achieve a smoother result this way.

Mix together equal amounts of white craft glue and water in a small bowl. Mixture should be paintable but not too thick.

When the rose petals have soaked long enough to make them pliable, remove them and the leaves from the water and place onto paper towels. Cover with another paper towel and place a small book on top to flatten them out and squeeze out excess water. Leave book in place for 1-2 minutes, then check the petals. Carefully remove them from the paper towels and place on wax paper. If you leave them on the paper towels, they may stick to it as they dry. Break the leaves into smaller pieces and set aside.

To decoupage, paint the back of one of the rose petals with the paintable glue mixture and position onto the glass votive. Paint the mixture over the top of the petal as well. Repeat this step for each petal, working your way around the glass. Repeat this process again, this time using the leaf pieces around the bottom of the votive.

Working in sections, decoupage the torn pieces of tissue paper over the top of the rose petals and the leaves, completely covering the entire votive. Repeat again, covering entire votive with a second coat of tissue paper. Look at your finished votive and see if there are any thin spots and decoupage on more tissue paper wherever needed.

Let project dry completely, overnight is best. Insert a votive or tea light candle and light!

If you are interested in seeing Amanda demonstrate some fun Valentine crafts for kids of all ages, be sure to mark your calendar for February 7th to watch online! You can get all the details here.

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