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How to Wear Kimonos Looks We Love

Oh how I love Kimonos! If you love them too but are wondering how to wear kimonos, I’ve got you covered with these Kimono deals we love!

How to Wear Kimono

How to Wear Kimonos Looks We Love

I became obsessed with them a few years ago, and now they are an item that I never travel without because they come in so handy for so many different fashion statements and I always wait for these awesome Cents of Style sales because it’s truly the best way to score some wonderfully on-trend pieces for a super affordable price! 

What is a Kimono? 

Is it an accessory? Is it for the beach? Is it to wear over a dinner dress (on the beach, perhaps?) Does a kimono look cute with jeans? Shorts? Is it a wardrobe staple? My answer? YES, to all of the above!

KIMONOS!! Is it an accessory? Is it a wardrobe staple? Our answer? YES & YES! Kimonos are so versatile. They can cover you up at the beach or pool, can be worn with shorts and a tee, or used as a light cover-up over your favorite little black dress. Kimonos can hang loose and open, can be knotted at the waisted or even belted to give you different looks. Plus, with their over-sized perfection, they look good on every body type. This week for Fashion Friday we have kimonos and ponchos on sale for 40% off the lowest marked price and FREE SHIPPING with code KIMOYES. We have some starting as low as $8.97 SHIPPED! These do incredibly well for affiliates and when we feature them at this amazing deal they move fast!

Kimonos are so versatile.

Of course, perfect for a poolside coverup, Kimonos have so many other uses. Darling with shorts and a tee shirt – of even shorts and a swim top – you can also use a kimono over a little black dress which makes them perfect for travel.

They pack easily and most of them remain wrinkle free (or low maintenance) which is another reason that I love them so much.

An added bonus is that with their over-sized perfection, they look good on every body type. 

Deals on Kimonos

Favorite Kimonos and ways to wear them

Kimonos also make great gifts. I love that they are easy to ship, kimonos are super light weight, and you can never have too many! 

what to wear at the beach

I like having some casual fun ones for beach days and then I usually go for a darker, dressier option for evening. 

One thing that I love about traveling with a kimono is that it’s a very small item to pack that can really change the look and direction of our wardrobe. 

Due to the lovely fabrics and patterns, kimonos can actually look very elegant and classic and can really dress up an outfit quickly.

I love to travel light, so they are the perfect addition if you are a light traveler as well. 

favorite kimono

If you love to cruise. Kimonos are one of the items that I always recommend to pack for your cruise. As you can see in the photo above, I’m wearing one of my Cents of Style kimonos over a little black dress.

The best part is that I was able to put both the dress and the kimono in my backpack that day as we walked the beaches.

Then I slipped the black dress on over my swimsuit for a fun beach party and by cocktail hour, all I had to do was add the kimono and it was an entirely new look. 

Best Kimono

And that’s why I love kimonos, they are fashion game changers and an item that I think everyone needs to consider having in their closet as they truly are the perfect travel accessory! 

I love sharing my favorite travel tips and packing the right things is just another way that you can minimize your vacation stress and focus on enjoying your vacation. 

My travel motto is always to back light – and I mean that both mentally and physically – as vacations are meant to be a time of rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul.

Safe travels, friends and my you back light and enjoy the journey!

Deal on Kimonos

Kimonos are traditional Japanese robes that usually feature gorgeous designs and flowing patterns with color pop and a lot of unique character. Here are some outlets for shopping Kimonos: 


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