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Chuck E Cheese Coupon and Rewards

Chuck E Cheese Coupon

Chuck E Cheese Coupon and Rewards

Image credits: Chuck E. Cheese

Right now, if you go to the Chuck E. Cheese website you will find all kinds of offers to save you money on your family trip to Chuck E. Cheese including Chuck E Cheese coupons, special deals, promo codes, special offers and sometimes even free tickets!

One of our favorites is the 100 Tokens for $10 coupon which is very rare, but it does pop up from time to time so keep an eye out for it. If you don’t see that one, make sure to take advantage of their different offers like the Chuck E. Cheese Reward Charts, the Chuck E. Cheese Military Discounts for Military families and also don’t forget the Chuck E. Cheese Tuesday and Wednesday Specials. 

Make sure to sign up for with your email address for special birthday treats and other great offers!

They also offer great deals when you sign up for the Chuck E. Cheese Rewards program, so make sure to do that – it usually includes a very nice sign up bonus offer which could possibly be high dollar coupons, games packages, deals on arcade games and amusement rides, deals on new menu items, Chuck E Cheeses coupons and more! Signing up for the Chuck e-club is a no brainer if you love to visit your local Chuck E. Cheese and want exclusive coupons!

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Parties

We’ve had so many birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese and there is a reason wyy. They make it SO easy!! You can book your Chuck E. Cheese birthday party right from the website on the group events page and you will also be able to select the birthday party page that is the best fit for your group and budget. 

As I mentioned above, they have nice birthday packages, delicious food (I love their salad bar!) and such a nice range of birthday party packages – it makes it so easy! They’ll even have goody bags for the kids (and usually free play tokens or rewards for each kid in your group, depending on which package you select)

They offer special birthday party freebies like the extra tickets, play pass points and time in the ticket blaster for the birthday star. And of course, the birthday child will get their photo with Chuck E. Cheese himself! 
You can even print your Chuck E. Cheese party invitations right from the Chuck E. Cheese website!! 
I love sharing great birthday party ideas and a trip to Chuck E Cheese is definitely one of them! 

Chuck E. Cheese Reward Calendars and Behavior Charts

For many kids, a trip to Chuck E. Cheese is a big reward for accomplishments like potty training, reading or good grades. It’s been our favorite restaurant for rewarding our kids. 

I love that they now have FREE printable Reward Charts for LOTS of different achievements: Grades, Toothbrushing, Thumb Sucking, Room Cleaning…and MORE!

Plus, here’s an added bonus for moms. When you plan a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese then you don’t have to worry about the stress of having a party at your home. You can let the kids play unlimited games and have their hour of play time without the stress! Sit back and take it all in, play games with your kids and most of all just take advantage of this fun family time to enjoy and celebrate.

Sometimes planning parties can be overwhelming for parents and when you select a venue like Chuck E. Cheese for your birthday parties, it allows you to be in the moment and still bring the excitement and fun that the kids enjoy – without feeling overwhelmed.

Chucky Cheese Awards
Image credit: Chuck E. Cheese
Super Student Award
Image credit: Chuck E. Cheese
Tooth Fairy Award
Image credit: Chuck E. Cheese


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  1. Ok, Chuck E Cheese is definitely better than Dave and Busters, at least for kiddos and for your pockets! I had taken my nieces to D&B and dropped a lot of money but my nephew, who is a little younger asked to go to Chuck E Cheese. I was pleasantly surprised that each game only cost one credit and there were a lot of games/variety. My nephew had a blast and I felt like I got my money’s worth.

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