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5 Ways To Make Money Around The House

I introduced you to Megan last week … she has some great input and ideas for Teens looking to save an earn money, so I have invited her back to share her top favorite ways to earn money this summer:

Hello there, Teen Readers!

It’s Megan here again, this time teaching you about ways to make money around the house and in your community! As a teen that loves to go out and have fun, I’ve learned that  you need to make your own money. If you’ve never had a job before, here are some  good ways to start making money!

Babysitting: Help parents by babysitting their younger children
  1. Do any of you have neighbors with young ones? You can ask them if they need any help watching the kids when they have to work or run errands during the summer.
Yard Sale: Get rid of unwanted items and make money at the same time
  1. Make posters and post them on the ends of your street stating your address and an idea of what you are trying to sell.
  2. You can make crafts to sell or you can simply look around your room to find unneeded toys, stuffed animals, or clothing that is still in good condition. Be sure to ask your parent’s permission before you sell anything! Note: If you gather a few friends together you will have more to offer and you will have a better time, too!
Extra Chores: Talk with your parents about making extra money for helping around the house!
  1. Outside: Mow the lawn, rake, lay out seed so the grass will grow, water the lawn, plant flowers, walk the dogs or paint the exterior or interior of the house.
  2. Inside: Do dishes, vacuum, wash windows, help with food shopping, clean the bathrooms or clean your own room!
Dog Walker: Help pet owners by caring for their pets
  1. Talk to neighbors with dogs about walking them after school.
  2. Check with a local vet to see if they need any help with attending to the animals.
Tutoring: Help other students with homework and studying
  1.  You can tutor younger children or even people your own age.
  2. Talk to former teachers about students in their classes who might benefit from your help.
  3. Talk to the parents you babysit for and see if this is a service they might be interested in.
  4. Put an advertisement up around your town telling people that you are looking for children to tutor and be sure to list the subjects that are your strengths. Note: Use ONLY your first name in the advertisement for safety reasons.
I hope that these suggestions help you to get started making your own money!
Megan is a junior in high school and enjoys sports, music, going to the beach, hanging out with friends and cosmetology. She has 6 siblings, 2 dogs and 2 cats.
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