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Frankenweenie Pumpkin Carving Templates

Frankenweenie is in theaters now, and here are some fun (FREE!) templates for you to use to create some spooktacular pumpkins! To use the templates, just print them out and either use them to free hand the design on the pumpkin OR you can actually lay the paper up next to the pumpkin and then use a needle or ice pick to poke holes along the pattern so that you will know where to cut. Remember, the black areas are the ones that you will be cutting out and removing.

There are three templates to choose from, just click on the image you want to make it larger and printable (you might had to adjust size, depending on your printer. Also, I print these in the draft/fast option on my printer so that I don’t use a lot of ink:

Sparky the Bull Terrier

Go Batty

Super Cute Spider

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