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Disney Planes DVD Review

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 4.07.49 PMDisney Planes DVD Review

*Disclosure: I did receive a dvd copy of this movie for review, these opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by another person.

About: The world of Cars takes flight in Planes, Disney’s high-flying animated comedy revved up with action and adventure. Join Dusty, a crop duster with sky-high dreams and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take on the world’s fastest flyers in the greatest air race ever. Dusty has a huge heart but two big problems…he’s not exactly built for speed, plus he’s afraid of heights. His courage is put to the ultimate test as this unlikely hero aims higher than he ever imagined. With a little help from his friends, Dusty finds the courage to be more than he was built for—and the inspiration to soar.

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My thoughts?

Hold onto your heart. Make some extra room in the toy box. There is a new cast of characters in the air, they I promise you… they will still your take off with your heart and bring all kinds of new and exciting plane personalities into your world.

I have to tell you that I went into this film with a lot of excitement, and huge expectations that this film would be a lot like Cars. You see, my son practically grew up on Cars, and the Cars characters were such a special part of his childhood. So needless to say, my expectations for Planes was not only great, but I already had great plans for this movie to jump right into our personal “favorites “collection. Simply put: I expected great things.

What I didn’t expect was how different this movie was from Cars. Don’t get me wrong… it was the same in the fact that it features animated vehicles that have colorful personalities and that unique and magical Disney touch, but really… aside from the fact that Planes takes place ABOVE the world of Cars, this movie is it’s own unique film and trust me, it will create it’s own unique place in your heart.

This film is full of diversity and humor, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat high flying excitement. Planes brings to you an entire new world of characters and personalities, but it also takes place in the sky, a place that Disney hasn’t been before (well, perhaps a few Disney films have sky settings, but trust me, none like this)…and the views in this move are literally breathtaking.

But what I love most of all about this film, are the messages. Messages that you will LOVE to share with your kids.

The storyline begins when a little crop Duster named Dusty wants to be something that he is not. He believes in himself. His desire to follow his dreams is heartwarming and of course, he has a darling personality and a host of great and loyal friends that assist him in his adventures to achieve what almost seems impossible… he wants to do something that the rest of the world tells him cannot be done. In his journey, Dusty encounters many amazing adventures, experiences heart ache, sacrifice, joy and as the result of all of these things, he experiences the beauty of true friendship.

I don’t want to ruin the storyline for you, but I will tell you that this movie does have twists and turns that you won’t see coming, and you will find yourself sitting with a lump in your throat as you cheer on little Dusty as he flies out into the skies on a (literally) world wide adventure!

And Dusty isn’t the only character who will steal your heart. True to Disney fashion, this movie brings so many new wonderful new characters to life and I know I can’t stop saying it, but you will fall in love with the amazing fleet of friends that rally behind Dusty as he chases his dream.

*Disclosure: I did receive a dvd copy of this movie for review, these opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by another person.

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