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kidpik review: Curated Fashion Boxes for Girls

Have you heard of kidpik? Kidpik is a service that hand curates fashion boxes for boys and girls and then they deliver them right to your door! I hope you’ll enjoy our kidpik review to see why we love this awesome brand and service!


It was new to us but since it involves fashion (and someone else picking items for us) we were all in.

I should say, my 9 year old was all in. She’s a bit of a fashionista and gets pretty excited about clothing. So it goes without saying that were are thrilled to have partnered with them to bring you this review of the experience of receiving a custom styled box of fashion from kidpik.

kidpik process

How does kidpik it work?

The process is really easy! You create a style profile for your child by taking a kidpik style quiz, except this quiz is one that your child will enjoy taking! I actually let my daughter do this all on her own because truth be told, she is pretty firm in her fashion tastes and she had fun working her way through the quiz answering questions.

It’s pretty easy to narrow down a child’s favorite looks because they offer up choices like the 4 outfits shown below and have you select the ones that you like best.

Take your child’s kidpik stlye quiz here.


kidpik options


How much does kidpik cost? 

The average price of a box ends up being around $85 (you save 30% by keeping the entire box) and it averages out to about $12.50 per item. I think that our box went a little higher because of the shoes and jacket but I do have to say, this box was the equivalent of several outfits, some really nice items and cost me less than a scattered, chaotic and usually exhausting trip to the mall.

PLUS! She received items that are unique and on-trend. That’s what I call a win/win! Watch the video below to see all of the items in our box, including our final invoice!

Our kidpik Review and Fall kidpik Fashion Box Unboxing 

Here’s a look at the kidpik box that we received. As you can see, my daughter was pretty thrilled with this experience:

Looking for more information on kidpik? Check out our kidpik review from 2019 (when my daughter was a bit older) to see how these boxes work for a large range of ages! 

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