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Attack Allergy Season with Scotties! #ScottiesEverydayComfort

Scotties Tissue

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Because of the fact that 2016 is an El Nino year, experts are predicting that we will not only have milder temperatures, but this also might mean an earlier on set of allergies this year. I actually have to admit, my allergies just started coming on last week.

Lucky for those of us that suffer from allergies, the folks at Scotties Facial Tissues have some great products to help us through!

Scotties products provide everyday comfort that you need and they also provide strength and softness for when symptoms are at their worst. For even the worst symptoms, try the 3-ply, or 3-ply with aloe for the extra strength you need.

Scotties TissueI love that you can purchase Scotties products on Amazon right now!

They have a huge selection and very competitive pricing, which means you can order in bulk just in time for those allergies to kick in!

My allergies actually seem to be brought on by the rain or anything that gets the pollen all stirred up, so I’m always sure to have Scotties tissues on hand. I also like to buy in bulk (these Amazon prices look pretty good right now) because I know that my kids teachers are very thankful when I sent in extra boxes. In fact, after spending a little time in their classrooms, I can’t believe how many tissues they actually go through!

Happy spring and here is hoping that you don’t let your allergies get the best of you!


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