Money Saving and Making Tips

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A lot of you will think this is all old news…but I am getting quite a few new visitors to my blog (thanks for all the referrals everyone ~ keep ‘em comin’! I love it!) … so I wanted to rehash some old favorites: that are all FREE and combined they save me and earn me quite a bit every month!

First of all…. Print your coupons and print them OFTEN! CLICK HERE to browse coupons and you can always come back to my site and check for the latest coupons. Most of the time you can print them TWICE…(sometimes more, sometimes less) … but print them when you can because a lot of the times the manufacturers will reset them which means twice as many coupons! Usually coupons match up with sales…so this is where you can save the most! I refer to these often and will try to alert you to high dollar ones!

Second, I actually do the bulk of my shopping online, and I have quite a few tricks in my bag of tools that help me to save a lot by doing so!  First of all, I highly suggest setting up an email account for JUST your online shopping and deals. This way, you won’t get overwhelmed with offers and emails, but you will have a place to go when you feel like hunting one down :)

I do have to say that Amazon is probably my top resource for hot deals, and the fact that I have Amazon Prime makes Amazon an easy choice for finding great deals. I highly recommend Amazon Prime and if you have ever considered trying it out, now would be the time since you can score a FREE 30day Amazon Prime membership which will help you score some awesome deals, without the stress of shipping charges.

Speaking of shipping charges, another must have (and one of my true loves) for easy and stress free online shopping is ShopRunner! If you are not yet using it, you can sign up here for a FREE 30 Day ShopRunner Membership which will score you FREE 2-day shipping at lots of stores around the internet including Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us,,, PetSmart, and so so so many more! You can also keep up with the latest and greatest deals that you can score with a ShopRunner membership by keeping an eye on their blog, LiveLifeShopSmart.

Another of my favorite places for finding great gifts at discount prices is You might want to keep an eye on my Daily Magazine Deals for each days best discounts, but also remember that you can get 20% off most titles when you use coupon code SheSaved on the site.

Speaking of quality discount items, another site that I am really enjoying for great gifts at discount prices is Tanga… you will want to keep an on their sales as they move pretty quick!

ThirdRebate and Cash Back Sites! My two favorites are Ebates and ShopatHome …..I get cash back checks every month now, and they grow quicker than you think! Each site gives you a $5 bonus to your account when you make your first purchase… and if you shop online at all … it is just a smart way to go! Even eBay has a cash back program!! Make your money work for you, right?

Numbers Four and Five… Now that you are a member of a cash back site (or two!) you should purchase AN ENTERTAINMENT BOOK ( CLICK HERE to learn more ) and buy your coupons (CLICK HERE to learn more ). These two things are the reason that

a) I get cash back checks every month and
b) The reason that we get to go out a couple times a week.
Take for example … after my sons Tball game we opted to try Qdoba Mexican Restaurant rather then come home and make a meal… with the 50% off coupon in there, a $18 meal became a $9.00 meal … for 4 people! Honestly…this book pays for itself over and over (and right now they are only $15 with free shipping with $6 cashback…making them $9!)
Sixth … I am going to have to say Swagbucks!! I know this one seems silly… but get a few friends to join, and you win when they win … and before you know it your total goes up and up! Around 450 swagbucks will score you $5 on Amazon. Over 2000 is a Target $20 gift card, and I have literally cashed out over $600 worth of swag. In fact, it pretty much paid for Christmas in our home this year … so start NOW and use it as your search engine … they pay you to search. duh!!?? right?
Number 7 … I recently started using I am really excited about is  CouponTrade to buy and sell gift card and it’s AWESOME! What a great tool for maximizing savings and earning extra money if you have cards that you don’t use!!
Oh gosh…tie for numbers Eight and Nine : Totsy and Zulily …are my very favorite deal sites  for finding super hot deals on kid’s clothing, toys and even a few great finds over the years for me (I wait  patiently for their designer jean sales!!  … Eleven and Twelve: The Foundary and Rue La La… awesome sites for fun and unique finds, including some awesome deals on furniture and garden supplies!
…so as I am doing this, I am thinking of a MILLION more ways that I have saved money and scored cool stuff, deals and more…so maybe I will continue this list…but this is a good place to start!! Honestly…once you get going…it just all starts snowballing and before you know it your mailbox is full of goodies, rebate checks, and more!!
…and I guess number Thirteen on my list for ways that I rock the online deals would have to be all of the awesome photo sites and the killer deals they have! I LOVE sharing, saving, storing, hanging … gazing … at PHOTOS… but it gets spendy. I cannot believe how much I have saved over the years with online photo deals (and YES…I would have spent this money on photos anyway … it is my one true addiction, lol) click HERE to check out all the latest photo deals and my favorite spots for finds great deals!
Just a few more of my very favorites, in case you are still reading this….lol….
Disney Movie Rebate Program ~ if you kids have Disney DVDs check this out HERE you could be getting FREE STUFF!
To be honest with you… this list could go on an on… (I could go on and on…) but hopefully it will give you a good idea about what all this saving stuff is all about. Mostly… have fun…it’s a ball!
Please contact me with any questions… I am happy to help another blogger… I have been so blessed to have lots of help from others and I am happy to pay it forward!!