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Welcome to my blog!

So here is the { real } deal…I am a quirky artist chic who loves to shop, save and share ideas. I am also a full time wife of a veterinarian, mommy, paint/create when I can artist (www.KeriLyn.com) and some of the time (ok, almost all of the time) obsessed saver of money and seeker of quality products and deals! I can hardly stand to pay full price for anything, however, I am also a brand loyalist, and will take quality over quantity any day of the week.

I think that consumers should be informed and involved and that you have every right to get the best bang for your buck. I also believe in playing fair and playing by the rules. That is what makes life fun! I believe in recycling, using what you can, and donating what you can’t use to those in need.

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My mantras? (I collect them, by the way … maybe even to the point of mantra hoarding. I also tend to mumble them in times of stress….) Life is short … find blessings in the small things, love hard, forgive easily, and pray boldly. Remain calm and embrace the Chaos… because we are all oh-so (more than we know!) blessed!

…I adore my family and enjoy centering my day around trying to keep a happy, healthy and somewhat sane home. I spend most of my day chasing after two rugrats that I totally adore, and trying to create some sense of order.  I am constantly trying to balance all that this crazy life has to offer, and after many, many attempts to get caught up and organized, I have accepted the fact that complete order may be years (and years) away… and I have recently adopted the motto “Embrace the Chaos”. Life is Good!

…And on top of all that, I am a (total) sinner saved by God’s amazing grace (as it turns out, I am blessed to have come from a long line of sinners)…and I am thankful for that DAILY because it is daily that I mess up and daily that I am thankful that I have salvation for never quite being as Christ like as I wanted to be in this day. But that is the wonderful thing about grace; it gives me the peace to know that I can try again tomorrow (and I do try!) and that God loves me in spite of all my many shortcomings. I am working really hard to love others in that same way. I am finding that the whole “do unto others” thing is pretty powerful once you remind yourself to apply it.

Let’s just say that I am a work in progress…aren’t we all?

As far as blogging goes, I use “…” way too often when I write. I am wordy. I tend to type like I talk (again, wordy) and hard as I try, correct grammar doesn’t come easy to me, nor does it always get my point across the way that I need it to. I almost always have to double check the spelling of Tuesday and Wednesday, and I quite often get numbers in the wrong places. So, while my blog might be a bit scattered and random, please pop in from time to time to see my latest finds…and hopefully you can make sense of it all!

Please join my mailing list and feel free to share it with friends and family! And above all, please contact me if you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, great products to brag about, etc. I love, love LOVE to share ideas; that’s what it’s all about!

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