Disney Movie Rewards | 30 FREE Points

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Disney Movie Rewards | 25 FREE Points

UPDATE: Add code clover2 for ANOTHER 5 points! (thanks to reader Barbie for that!)

Head over to Disney Movie Rewards and see if you can answer the fun Disney trivia questions to earn free reward points. Just in case you don’t know them all, the codes are:  dottie, rumbly, travers, clover, melting and zarina. Enter them all to receive a total of 30 points.

We have been adding codes for over 3 years now. I have even been able to add codes from movies that we have purchased at garage sales! I think this is such a neat rewards program and a great way to earn a little something extra!

These Magic Codes expire 4/30/14.


  1. Zombie Barbie says:

    Clover2 for extra 5points

  2. Thanks Barbie!

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