What Does the Fox Say? T-shirt for $8.99 Shipped

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Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 11.23.05 AMWhat Does the Fox Say? T-shirt for $8.99 Shipped

I think that this one will probably be a big hit because you can’t beat the price, and well… if you have heard the song, then you probably can’t get it out of your head! We laugh at this one around here because we have a fox that shows up in our pasture about every morning, so the kids go out on the deck and sing to him “what does a fox say?” … which is just a little bit funny. (and yes, kind of strange, lol!)

Right now you can get this fun What Does the Fox Say t-shirt (and actually quite a few others) for $8.99 shipped when you use coupon code: FESTIVE at checkout!

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