Missing a Lot of Deals? Make Sure to Adjust Your Facebook Settings

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show in news feedMissing a Lot of Deals? Make Sure to Adjust Your Facebook Settings

I know that many of you get instant updates on your phone and/or computer via the SheSaved facebook page. I have heard from many of you that you are missing updates and offers because you are no longer seeing my facebook posts in your feed.

If you feel like you aren’t getting the updates that you want to see on facebook, you might try adjusting your settings. I just went through mine, and several of my favorite pages are not showing up in my feed, because I didn’t have them checked.

To update your news feed, just hover over the “liked” button on the facebook page that you want in your feed, and this drop down will show up, and just make sure that you check “Show in News Feed“. If you want notifications of all new posts, then you will also want to check “Get Notifications”.

I also highly recommend signing up for my daily email. It’s free, and this email goes out once a day, and has a complete summary of all of the days deals and posts, so that you won’t miss a thing! Another great way to keep up with all of the deals, is to download my FREE iphone and/or droid app… it’s a handy way to have deals at your fingertips, wherever you go!

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