Weathered Charm Decor Sale at Joss & Main | Starting at $5.95

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flower bottleWeathered Charm Decor Sale at Joss & Main

Some wonderful finds in the Weathered Charm Decor Sale going on right now ... I love these sales…so fun to browse! You might not think that discount designer sites are the place to find home decor, or let alone furniture, but I have actually scored countless items for our home on these sites, including our bedroom set, pillows, wall art and actually all of the rugs in my home came from sales like this. I love the things in this sale… and I also love the prices, darling things starting as low as only $5.95.

Weathered Charm

Detailed & Distressed Decor

From Sunday morning flea markets to secret gardens in Provence, these captivating accents evoke nostalgic narratives and glimpses of storied pasts. Showcasing stately trunks, jeweled picture frames, antiqued table clocks, elegantly turned candleholders, blossoming jars, industrial-style shelves, colorful wall hooks, and more, this beautiful selection of alluring finds offers well-travelled intrigue and warmly Weathered Charm for your home décor.breakfast in bed

Joss & Main is an online closeout site that I didn’t used to mention very often, because while I usually love their stuff, I don’t find it very affordable (even at discounted prices). However, lately I have seen some pretty good stuff, and today they have some great sales that I thought were worth sharing.  Another thing that I love about this site is that you only pay shipping ONCE every 30 days… so if you purchase something, you will have free shipping for the next 30 days, love that!

If nothing else, I love to browse this site, so many unique finds … just go here to check it all out!

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