Valentines Day Merchandise Sale at Zulily | Items starting at only $5.99

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love like crazyValentines Day Merchandise Sale at Zulily | Items starting at only $5.99

<—Love Like Crazy ($8.99)!  Gosh I love Valentines Day! I always have…the fun creative cards, flowers, the colors….so fun! They have some really neat gift and decor items today at Zulily, including some Meri Meri gift cards (my favorite!). They are usually insanely expensive, but if you can find them in a discount sale like this one, you can get a pretty great deal on them, and you can’t beat the quality…they are so sweet and detailed!meri merimeri meri cards

And of course… lots of other fun stuff at  Zulily today, as always! Go here to see all of the fun finds!

Zulily is another site that features “flash sales” … quick closeout sales of designer kids items. These are things that I could never (or would never) afford to pay full price for…but I love finding these unique things at bargain prices!

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