SheSaved Cross Country Cafe K-Cup Review Team

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kcup review team imageSheSaved Cross Country Cafe K-Cup Review Team

The first official SheSaved & Cross Country Cafe review team has been selected….and the first review boxes have been sent out, the reviewers are:

1-Liz G We love our Kcups around here! My husband is a serious coffee drinker, im not as much as him, but ive noticed im drinking coffee a whole lot more now that it’s so easy to make a cup just by popping in a Kcup in the machine and hitting a button… too easy :)
We drink a wide variety of coffee and teas here and would be great reviewers! My husband is a nurse in the Army and has to work 12 hour shifts and gets up early in the morning, he almost cant function without his coffee… and im a mother of 3 rowdy young ones, im starting to find I cant function either without some sort of hot coffee or tea in the mornings… so we definitely use our Kcups and machine a LOT!
Pick us, pick us!!!!! ;)
2-Stephanie G I am a serious coffee drinker and am in love with my Keurig!! I can’t imagine drinking coffee/tea any other way now that I have a Keurig. I love all of the varieties and flavors that are offered and would absolutely love the opportunity to be able to sample and review new and different products for Keurig. Hope I am one of the lucky ones that get selected for this!
3-Simone M As a mother and wife of an EARLY morning daily crew my husband and I RELY on our keurig’s many VAST flavors to get us thorugh each day ! Coffee , Tea, Hot Chocolate, energy burst drinks etc LOVE them all . I am also a bzzagent and JUST bzzed about Green Mountain Welness K cups (Focus and Anti oxident ) in addition I work in an EXTREMELY polpular pizza restaurant( we have been there 75 YEARS as a pizza restaurant and our coal fired brick oven is 125 yrs old . Well I have worked there for 20 yrs and know a SUBSTANTIAL amoiunt of ppl to share my findings with . Ty for considering me for this AWESOME review program :)
4-Lynda Morning coffee is a ritual in my house. I have to have my coffee in order to function for the day. I have tried several types of coffee over the years and I can’t say enough about K-Cups and my Keurig. The coffee is so rich and flavorful, better than even my local coffee shops. I’d love to be a reviewer for Cross Country Cafe, since I have tried to many types of coffee in the past, I think I’d be an excellent choice.
5-Amie My husband has brought me the first cup of coffee every morning for 11 years. He knows the way to my heart! I love him more than coffee, and that’s saying something. ;P When ask about favorites or things I collect…it’s coffee! We have bagged our own coffee from a local roaster, which we sell once a year as a fundraiser for families with twin to twin transfusion syndrome, a disease which took our daughter’s life.
One of my favorite quotes:
The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
6-Maleigha F I like to try different teas and cocoa!
7-Michelle C I would love to be a review for Cross Country Cafe. I am a busy mom of 5 who loves coffee. I love my Keurig and I love the Keurig company, they have the most amazing customer service ever. My entire family loves our Keurig, from hot cocoa to teas to coffee, we love it all!
8 – Rachael Would love this opportunity to review kcups. We are avid users and I don’t know what I would do without my kcups!
9-Amy B Well, lets see. Coffee is the first thing i think about when i get up and i get excited about before i go to bed! I have two kids under 3 and work full time as a social worker for kids wit special needs, so im on the go all the time. Coffee is a nessecity in my life :)
10-Christina I have been a Keurig owner since they first came out. We have one in our home, and also at our business. Needless to say, we go through a ton of it! I enjoy coffee in its purest form – black – no sugar, creamer or anything else to take away from the taste. I would love to share my detailed opinions with others. There isn’t much that I don’t buy without first checking out reviews, so knowing how valuable they are to me, I would be happy to help others with reviews of my own!
Congrats to those of you selected and please remember that these were selected at random. I will be working on more projects in the future, so keep your eye out for more SheSaved readers opportunities like this one!
kcup review team

As you might know, I love my coffee! It is so much a part of my morning …and it’s like my little reward to myself. That little moment (and yes, it is usually fleeting) when I get a moment to just sit and think about the day ahead, reflect on my blessings and charge into a new day full force!

I have recently found my one stop shop for all things k-cup related.  I discovered them after participating in review opportunity, I and love the product so much that I had asked them if they would be interested in offering reviews for my readers as well, and they LOVED the idea! When I love a company and/or brand, I love to talk about them and I want you as readers to know that I connect with these companies because I truly see value in their product or service, and I want you to experience the same brand connections. With that said, I realize that we all have different tastes and opinions and that is what makes all of this sharing of thoughts and ideas so fun and valuable!

Reviewers will be leaving their comment on each k-cup flavor that they try, so you can check in here to see what they have to say about each flavor!




  1. So happy to be a part of this team and I love the box of kcups and mug that you sent!
    My first review is for the Tully’s French Roast – Dark Roast Extra Bold
    I love bold coffee, so I was already expecting to like this one, but I really like it, in fact it might be my new favorite. The fragrance is wonderful, and the flavor is strong, but solid, great with my favorite creamer. It really tastes like a quality cup of coffee. Very rich, no bitter taste. Love!

  2. I wish I was part of that team! I love my Keurig…..LOVE LOVE LOVE it! In fact, I helped my parents Christmas shop this year and had them get all my sisters and brothers one. I am so happy they have a number of fantastic decaf coffee.

  3. When this comes around again to be part of I would love it!!! I work for a center with about 40 of us that drink a lot of coffee :) we are a 24/7 911 center and coffee is a staple – I would love to get involved and drink some coffee with you too!

  4. Thank you for the amazing opportunity to be a Cross Country Cafe K-Cup and She Saved Reviewer! I love opening a box filled to the brim with k-cups. One of my favorite k-cup varieties of the review project is the Green Mountain Nantucket Blend. It is a medium roast coffee, full of flavor and freshness. Coffee creamer is a must for me, and Nantucket blend tastes amazing no matter what flavor of creamer I use.

  5. And I have to agree with Rachel, Tully’s French Roast is a wonderful, bold, even with hints of a chocolate flavor in subtle undertones. When I am in the mood for a dark roast, Tully’s French Roast never disappoints.

  6. Maleigha flynn says:

    I was also super excited when the box came with the special mug! It felt like Christmas all over again. I had to see, touch, sort every kcup into different groups for different times of day. The next day our coffee maker broke and we had to rely SOLELY on the Keurig! As a one ‘cup’ a day gal I thought this would be fine; however, my cup and the kcup size were totally different and determined I prefer the keurig is a ‘second cup’ option.
    Wild Mountain Blueberry Light Roast is my first review. It smells amazing while brewing and appeals to those that prefer a light flavor. I tried the large cup, but would recommend only small size for all light roasts

  7. I’ve broken down my reviews into categories according to roast. I tried to cover things like aroma, acidity, body, overall flavor, etc., but keep in mind I am not even close to being a professional, so it’s strictly my opinion! I LOVE coffee, and my preference is usually dark, bold, although I do enjoy medium roasts as well. I drink it daily, black. These reviews were based on it being black, unless otherwise noted. I have a very basic Keurig – I know there are now machines with different sizes, strength levels, etc. – but mine is as basic as it gets, so it was brewed as a standard cup, no adjustments. I began each review with a number and a *…the 5 star system, 5 being the highest.

    Dark/Bold- (including French & Italian roasts as well)
    This is my favorite blend. A SAHM of 3 boys requires caffeine – and a lot of it! I enjoyed all of these, but the 1st two stood out for me. That said, I’d drink any of them any day!

    Green Mountain Dark Magic- 5*Full bodied, thick & dark, yet crisp & bright. This was not bitter, and had chocolately undertones with a sweet aftertaste. Perfect jolt to start the day!
    Tully’s Italian- 5* Pleasantly surprised by this one, as I have not been a huge Italian roast fan in the past. This has a nice, roasted aroma to it. A very earthy blend, without being bitter. Very rich – a nice, strong morning cup – no burnt aftertaste to it.
    Emeril’s Big Easy Bold- 4* Thick & dark, bright but a little more tangy. The body was full, but not all that heavy. I liked it, but if I had the choice, I’d drink the GM Dark Magic over this one.
    Green Mountain Lake & Lodge- 4* This has a wonderful aroma, and while it is a dark roast, it isn’t too bold. It’s a nice balance between sweet & smoky. Not bitter, but does have a smoky aftertaste.
    Tully’s French- 4*This one ties with GM French (review following). This one is stronger than GM. These blends have a woody, roasted aroma and they taste the same. Very dark, deep flavor, full bodied. Smoky finish, which is why I only give it 4 starts, rather than 5.
    Green Mountain French- 4* Nice roasted nut aroma, sweet without being bitter. Dark, full bodied. This has a nice smoky finish (as opposed to tasting like burnt ashes).

  8. Medium
    These are the blends I consider to be the crowd pleasers. I don’t think you can go wrong serving these to guests. Even the lowest rated ones are still coffees I would drink daily – I really did enjoy them all for different reasons.

    Wolfgang Puck Breakfast in Bed- 5* This is one of my favorites. It seems like it should be a darker roast, and has a nutty/earthy aroma (which isn’t nearly as good as the taste!). It has a medium body, is very smooth and bright. I think it’s the perfect blend for someone who doesn’t really like dark blends, but wants a stronger cup than a light blend.
    Caribou Blend- 5* This is a fantastic “everyday coffee” Sure to please everyone, it has a pleasant aroma, is not bitter, no aftertaste, & goes down smoothly.
    Green Mountain Vermont Country- 5* This is another crowd pleaser. This has a mildy fruity aroma, which follows through in taste – this is sweet, not bitter, and has no aftertaste. Another very smooth cup, with full body.
    Green Mountain Nantucket Blend- 41/2* Pleasant, slightly roasted aroma. Also has a slightly smoky flavor, without being bitter. This is a very nice, middle of the road blend – again, perfect for the everyday cup.
    Tully’s House- 4 1/2* The aroma is woody, and has hints of roasted chocolate. I noticed there is a slight roasted chocolate aftertaste to it, which I much prefer to the smoky or burnt aftertaste. Not bitter, very smooth, and very flavorful.
    Donut Shop- 4 1/2* This is a darker medium roast without being in your face. No bitterness, a nice smooth cup. I noticed the package said “extra bold”. Did a little research, and found that refers to there being more coffee in each k-cup to provide a stronger, fuller cup. I have always been a fan of this coffee, but I actually think I remember it being a bit weaker in the past – this may be what the company was addressing here. It is definitely not watery or weak – very enjoyable!

    I am not a normal drinker of light roast. As I said in the above paragraph, my preference is bold. That said, there are times I enjoy something lighter. There was only one in this group I really didn’t care for.

    Green Mountain Breakfast Blend- 5* Very light aroma, very crisp and bright flavor. While it is sweet, it’s the least of the 3 reviewed here. No bitterness, very smooth.
    Donut House (not to be confused with Donut Shop in the medium roast category)- 4 1/2* This one ranks 2nd in sweetness, in both aroma and flavor. There was a hint of citrus flavor to it, which I didn’t notice in any other blend, so if you like that, this blend is worth a try. Very smooth, no bitterness.
    Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend- 3 1/2* light aroma, mild, sweet taste ( sweetest of the three). While I would call it smooth, I would also say overall, it was just weak.

    Admittedly, flavored roasts are not usually my thing. I love Starbucks (there’s one in my Target, so since I’m always at Target, I have become a Starbucks addict!), and I usually go for something flavored. But there are all kinds of other things involved (whipped cream, milk, etc.), and since I drink my coffee black at home, I find that flavored roasts are usually just bitter and unappealing. These blends blew me away! Some were fantastic….some, not so much. But, after trying these, I can say I will definitely be adding some of these to my supply! Surprisingly, the one I assumed I would like the best ranked last for me.

    Green Mountain Golden French Toast- 5* Fantastic aroma – maple french toast. This had a sweet, cinnamon maple flavor to it without being bitter. I would call it medium to light. Great flavor for the morning!
    Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream- 5* A sweet aroma of caramel & vanilla. I expected this to be bitter, but it wasn’t. I did not need to add anything to it – but I did halfway through b/c I thought a little milk would enhance the flavor even more. I imagine you could add ice to this and mimic a Starbucks (or any other company) specialty drink. Medium to light blend, very pleasing vanilla aftertaste. I think the possibilities with the flavor are endless (black, cream, iced, whipped cream….).
    Wolfgang Puck Creme Caramel- 4 1/2* Mildly sweet aroma. Buttery caramel flavor with hints of vanilla without tasting syrupy. I added milk halfway to this one as well, and it was a great addition, although not necessary. Lighter body. Would be a great dessert coffee – satisfies the sweet tooth!
    Green Mountain Blueberry- 4 1/2* Yes, 4 1/2 stars for blueberry coffee! I saved this one for last, assuming I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I was wrong! It has a fantastic and very strong blueberry aroma – the strongest aroma of all of the coffees I reviewed. It is smooth, with a faint taste of blueberry. I felt like I had just eaten a blueberry muffin, then took a sip of regular coffee – that’s the best way I can describe the aftertaste. I easily drank this cup black.
    Green Mountain Gingerbread- 4 1/2* A nice, holiday aroma. Not as sweet as the others, more of a spicy flavor (think of the aftertaste of eating a gingerbread cookie). I expected bitterness and a strong flavor, but did not get either. I think adding cream or milk might weaken it – not sure, but I did not try. A nice choice for company over the holidays.
    Gloria Jean’s Butter Toffee- 4* Nice aroma, hint of butterscotch in the taste. Not overpowering, a bit on the weaker side. This flavor really didn’t move me one way or the other, so I’ll call it very middle of the road for flavored blends.
    Green Mountain Southern Pecan- 4* A pleasant, caramel aroma. Sweet in the beginning, with a very mild pecan taste. This one was better than I expected it to be, esp. since I am not a huge fan of southern pecan pie.
    Green Mountain Cinnamon Roll- 3 1/2* Light cinnamon aroma and flavor. Not much more to say about this blend, other than that it was more on the light side. I expected more from this blend. I’ve had better cinnamon blends .
    Green Mountain French Vanilla- 3* Nice aroma, very, very sweet flavor. I thought french vanilla would be my favorite, but definitely not! I thought it was weak, just not really a good flavor (I’ve had better of this flavor, too). I didn’t think adding anything to it would help, so I didn’t.
    Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donut- 3* The aroma is that of a warm chocolate donut. It was very chocolately, & not too bitter. It tastes like a chocolate donut that has been dunked in coffee. I found that I enjoyed the first few sips of it, but as time went on, I just didn’t like it. There was something off about the flavor, that ended up being off-putting. I didn’t even want to bother adding anything to it – I just wanted to be done drinking it, which is surprising since I love chocolate donuts!

    Green Mountain Half-Caff- 4* This is a great option for anyone who wants a little caffeine without sacrificing flavor. Perfect for a 3rd cup, or maybe a late day cup. A nice medium roast, not bitter, and one I would call a crowd pleasing flavor. I don’t think I’d be able to identify this as half-caff in a blind test, flavor wise.

    While I do enjoy drinking tea, I don’t usually drink it in k-cup form. I like brewing it with the old fashioned tea bag, however, after trying these, I will probably be adding tea k-cups to my supply. I drink tea in it’s purest form – no added sugar, sweeteners, or milk.

    Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate- 5* I find green tea to be very earthy, so the added flavor of pomegranate was a perfect addition! The pomegranate was very potent, while the earthiness of the green tea countered the sweetness, making it the perfect blend for my tastes. It didn’t need sweetener, and wasn’t bitter like some green teas tend to be. A nice surprise!
    Twinings Pure Peppermint- 4 1/2* This had a nice pepperminty feel on the tongue, without being overwhelming. It had a great tea aftertaste, no lingering peppermint. Great for a sore throat (I know for a fact, since I had one!). I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would.
    Twinings Pure Camomile- 4 1/2 * I love Camomile tea, and this one is great. I do find the k-cup slightly weaker than a regular tea bag, but then again, I let my tea bags brew longer than probably most! I actually think the strength is perfect.
    Twinings African Rooibos Red Tea- 4* The flavor if this tea was very sweet – almost like adding sweetener to black tea. I never had red tea before, so I did a little research on it. I read that it is supposed to have a calming affect. I didn’t notice that at all, but I really liked this tea, nonetheless! The sweetness countered the earthiness of the typical tea flavor.

    Thanks so much for making me part of this team! This was loads of fun for me!! Just when you think drinking your morning coffee can’t get any better, you stop to actually think about it and describe it for a review, and it gets so much better!!

  9. I was so excited to get my coffee! I had a recent issue with a place I used to get my coffee and suddenly found they no longer carry it. So, I’ve been on the lookout for a new kind and THANKS to Cross Country, I found THREE new favorites. YES!

  10. Maleigha flynn says:

    New favorite the Green Mountain Gingerbread light roast! The smell while brewing (small size) was wonderful! I used no cream, but only a hint of Splenda and it tasted just like a ginger snap! The texture was smooth and comforting. The flavor was perfect at the small size and I would not recommend trying any larger sizes.

  11. Maleigha flynn says:

    Bigelow Green Tea with Pomegranate-the pomegranate taste was nice, but weak as it needs more steeping time. Small could work in a pinch.

    Twinings Pure Peppermint-by far best tea ever made! I got two small sizes out of this strong peppermint tea. Might have managed a medum and a small because this is a strong flavor. The smell fille dthe whole house and it felt like Christmas.

    Twinings Pure Camomile-one of the best tasting in a bag and a kcup. The aroma is soothing and the taste is calming. Use the medium size.

    Twinings African Rooibos Red Tea-should not be used in a kcup as it takes 4 minutes to steep properly and the keurig is much faster. That normally sweet flavor was weak. If used, only in the small and you might get two out of it.

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