LA Tweez LED Illuminating Tweezers with Mirrored Case for $6.99

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LA Tweez LED Illuminating Tweezers with Mirrored Case for $6.99

Right now, Tanga is selling the LA Tweez LED Illuminating Tweezers with Mirrored Case for only $6.99. Shipping is $3.99 for up to 2 pairs. Go in with a friend and you can each get a pair of these tweezers for only $8.98 shipped!

This offer is valid while supplies last!

About: Laser, electrolysis, threading, waxing…these methods are way too taxing! We are living in a recession, my dear friend. We gotta penny pinch until the very end. Instead of tearing your hair in grief and frustration, try these illuminating tweezers by LA Tweez! These friendly hair pluckers are sure to put a smile (and some lovely brows) on your face! The era of the salon is bygone. Why sit and wait your next while boringly flipping through a magazine and reading about the Brangelina split, hearing screams from the other room as your cosmetologist finishes pulling the hot wax off her sassy customer? Why pay for the pain, in addition to giving her a hefty tip, so that you can officially be her favorite client? You don’t have to waste your time and money any longer! In these economically challenged times, the first thing to tweeze out are your visits to the salon. Get on board with all the Tweezer fans and invest to impress! Get those tweezers in your hand, get in front of your magnifying mirror, and start perfecting your brows, NOW. As Jack Black says, “You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow!”

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