Fitness Deals on Amazon

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fitness dealsFitness Deals on Amazon

If you are looking to get in shape, check out these Fitness Deals on Amazon!

Fitness Deals

  • Stretch-Out Strap with New Instructional booklet for $12.00 
    • Stretch Out Strap delivers the benefits of PNF stretching without a partner
  • Black Mountain Products New Strong Man Set of 6 Resistance Bands for $32.99 
    • B.M.P. resistance bands are made with the highest quality rubber
    • Bands Included:  Yellow Band (2-4 pounds), Blue Band (4-6 pounds), Green Band (10-12 pounds), Black Band (15-20 pounds), Red Band (25-30 pounds) and Orange Band (35-40 pounds)
    • Pre-attached handles for maximum mobility and ease of use
    • All Black Mountain Products resistance bands come with a manufacturer?s warranty
  • BodyMinder Workout and Exercise Journal (A Fitness Diary) [Spiral-Bound] for $10.17 The BODYMINDER is the ultimate physical fitness diary. With a focus on workouts, it can also be used to keep track of any and all other exercise.Each “day” consists of two pages with an organized, easy-to-use layout for recording workout details…from equipment & settings, to reps & sets, to difficulty level, to heart rate, to muscle groups, and more. There is also space for listing the details of other (non-gym) exercise…from walking the dog, to playing a sport, to dancing up a storm! In addition, each day’s meals can be recorded as well as any vitamins or supplements taken.The 224-page book is spiral bound with a durable leatherette cover. There are 91 days’ worth of daily records and thirteen Weekly Schedule forms to help you keep on track. Other sections include food counts on over 100 common foods, heart and blood pressure range charts, progress charts, personal game scores, fitness expenses, and more. In the back there is a vinyl pocket for holding photos, notes, cards, etc.
  • Tone Fitness 2 -Pounds Pair Neoprene Walking Weights for $8.70 
    • Color: Pink
    • 2 lbs
    • 30 Day Manufacture’s Warranty
  • Tone Fitness 5 lb Adjustable Ankle Weights for $12.60

    • Made of soft, stretchy neoprene fabric
    • Pocket design allows for quick and easy weight adjustments
    • velcro closures provide a secure, snug fit for all ankle sizes

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