Cookbook Sale at The Foundary + $10 When You Refer Friends

recipe booksCookbook Sale at The Foundary + $10 When You Refer Friends

… don’t forget that you get FREE credits when you refer friends to The Foundary (they don’t need to purchase, just join) …. up to $10.

Lots of great cookbooks in this sale, starting at only $8.00…..and I love that shipping is $5.95 no matter how many that you order!

About: Discover new recipes using your favorite products, or try a new healthy approach with low-salt recipes, allergy-free cooking and more. Look for books featuring slow cooker meals and holiday classics.

This really is one of my favorite deal sites when it comes to quality… I have been thrilled with my purchases from them! Go to The Foundary… sign up, and they will pay you $1.00 in credit for each friend that you share the site with (who joins *but they don’t need to purchase* just join) … up to 10 friends if you are signing up today.

Just go here to get signed up (it’s free, of course) and check it all out!

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